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10 Titles Nominated for 17th Manga Taisho Awards

Earlier this week, details were revealed about the 10 works that have been nominated for the 17th Manga Grand Prize, known as the Manga Taisho awards. The organizing committee for the awards made this announcement.

Nominees Announced for the Manga Taisho 2024 Ceremony

The Story of the Craftsmen of Kanda Gokura-chō

Akihito Sakaue


In Order to Walk through Space with You

Inuhiko Doronoda


We Are Complete Opposites, You and I
(a contender in 2023 as well)

Kōcha Agasawa


Tamaki and Amane

Fumi Yoshinaga


The Cultivation of Diamonds

Ōhashi Hirai


Life of a Witch in Mongolia
(also ranked last year)

Tomato Soup


Rest Period

Keigo Shinzō


Let’s Go Fami-res.

Yama Wayama


To the Dearest Shimazaki in the Land of Peace (Heiwa no Kuni no Shimazaki e)

Gouten Hamada
Takeshi Sesimo


Shadow World Demons

Hiromu Arakawa

The selection committee for the awards consists mostly of bookstore employees who are responsible for the manga sections in their stores. This year, the selection committee included 101 members, who had to choose from 257 possible titles. Only manga released in 2023 that have eight volumes or fewer were eligible. The committee intentionally set an upper volume limit to ensure newer works which haven’t received widespread recognition due to their recent release date are considered for the prize.

The winner of the Manga Taisho 2023 will be decided in the next round of voting, with the announcement to take place at an awards ceremony scheduled for early April.

Recipients of the award in past years include:

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