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27th Volume of Dr. Stone Manga Releasing on April 4

Photo courtesy: Viz Media’s official website

Shonen Jump
website has declared the release of a 27th volume for
Riichirou Inagaki
Dr. Stone
manga, which is set to release on April 4. However, the detailed content of the 27th volume remains unmentioned in the site’s listing.

Both Boiichi and Inagaki recently unveiled a unique three-chapter offshoot manga titled Dr. Stone: 4D Science through Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump publication. This bespoke offshoot started in this magazine on November 6 and concluded on December 24. Viz Media published the offshoot manga digitally in the English language.

This offshoot manga narrates events that occur after the original manga has ended, and primarily chronicled Senku’s attempts to construct a time machine. The spinoff was launched to commemorate the release of the second cours or quarter of the year, of Dr. Stone: New World, the third Dr. Stone anime season, in the October of 2021.

Boichi, also credited for Sun-Ken Rock, and Inagaki, the renowned author of Eyeshield 21, first introduced the Dr. Stone manga through Weekly Shonen Jump in March of 2017. The manga entered its final story arc in September 2021, and by March 2022 the series concluded. Shueisha released the series’ 26th, and what was then considered the last, volume in July 2022.

Viz Media offers the manga in digital format and in print, and they describe the manga’s inaugural volume as such:

On a consequential day, the entire human population was paralyzed by a sudden flash of intense light. Several millennia later, high schooler Taiju wakes up to a world filled with statues. However, he isn’t the only one who is awake! His science-enthusiast friend Senku has been active for a few months and has an ambitious plan in mind—to reboot civilization with the might of science!

Apart from Viz Media, MANGA Plus also digitally publishes the manga in English.

July 2019 marked the debut of the first television anime adaptation of the manga. Services such as Crunchyroll streamed the season live, while Funimation streamed a dubbed version. This animated series made its premiere on Adult Swim‘s Toonami programming in August 2019.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, the second season of the anime, went on air in January 2021. Crunchyroll made the series available for worldwide audience except in Asia, and Funimation provided an English-dubbed version. The series began airing on Toonami in May 2021.

The singular, hour-long episode Dr. Stone: Ryusui aired as a special presentation in July 2022.

The inaugural cours of the Dr. Stone: New World anime was broadcasted in Japan in April 2023, concluding with its 11th episode. Crunchyroll streamed the anime live from Japan, and also provided an English dub. Toonami began airing the series in June 2023.

The anime’s second cours started broadcasting in Japan from October 12, and Crunchyroll unveiled its U.S. premiere at the 2023 edition of New York Comic Con event on the same date. Toonami started broadcasting the second cours on November 11.

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