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2nd April Release: Touken Ranbu Kai: Kyoden Moyuru Hannôji Anime

The official website for “Touken Ranbu Kai: Kyoden Moyuru Honnōji”, the anime adapted from the stage play “Touken Ranbu Kyoden Moyoru Honnōji”, announced today that it will be released on 2nd April.

Further names have also been revealed in the cast list, these include actors who have already starred in previous installments of the franchise:

Takuya Satō as Kôsetsu Samonji

Takuya Satō as Shokudaikiri Mitsutada


Ayumu Murase as Sayo Samonji


Sōma Saitō as Namazuo Tōshirō


Sōma Saitō as Tsurumaru Kuninaga


Atsushi Tamaru as Ichigo Hitofuri


In addition to the above, the following previously announced actors are also part of the cast:


Kazuya Ichikawa
Bakugan, Monster Strike the Animation
) is leading the animation production at studio
. As previously mentioned, the original show’s director and scriptwriter,
Kenichi Suemitsu
Welcome to the Ballroom
) will write the scripts.
Mari Takada
Bakugan, Monster Strike the Animation
) is working on the character designs, and Ryūnosuke Kasai (
7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life, Fluffy Paradise, Love After World Domination
) is composing the music. Other notable members of the production team include:

“Touken Ranbu Kyoden Moyuru Honnōji” is the first non-musical stage play out of a series of fifteen to be adapted from the original series. It follows the story of Fudō Yukimitsu, the anthropomorphic sword that Oda Nobunaga received from Mori Ranmaru.

The original browser game by DMM and Nitroplus, “Tōken Ranbu Online”, showcases legendary Japanese swords as bishōnen. Nitroplus was responsible for both the story and character designs and the game was released in Japan in 2015.

The franchise has inspired a Herculean number of iterations, ranging from theatre adaptations and musical comedies to the anime series Katsugeki: Touken Ranbu, with an animated film currently in production. A live-action movie was released in Japan in January 2019, directed by Saiji Yakumi (Mars), and a sequel has followed.

The first season of Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru, consisting of twelve episodes, was released in October 2016. The second season aired on Tokyo MX and BS11 in January 2018, before being streamed on DMM.com.

The original browser game was released in English in April 2021 and its smartphone version was offered in August 2021 by Johren. However, the English and Chinese versions were discontinued on 21 August.

An anime modeled after the project Wanpaku! Touken Ranbu was announced in July. The kabuki play “Touken Ranbu: Tsuki no Tsurugi Enishi no Kiri no wa” will be screened in cinemas in Japan from 5th April.

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