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2nd Stage Play of Lycoris Recoil Anime Set for June

The official Twitter page of director Shingo Adachi‘s original TV anime, Lycoris Recoil, declared the coming of a second stage play called, Butai Lycoris Recoil: Life Won’t Wait (Stage Lycoris Recoil: Life Won’t Wait) on Monday. The performance is scheduled to take place from June 7-16 at the Theatre G-Rosso located within the Tokyo Dome City vicinity.

Image source: Twitter page of Lycoris Recoil stage play

The entire cast of the initial stage play will be returning to reprise their parts in the subsequent sequel. Akira Yamazaki is once again taking charge of directing the play while Yō Hosaka comes back to pen the script.

The initial stage play was performed in January 2023 at the Tennozu Galaxy Theater situated in Tokyo.

Image source: Twitter page of Lycoris Recoil anime

Adachi’s original television anime debuted in July of 2022. Crunchyroll broadcasted the anime as it was being released in Japan, and also made an English dub of it available. The anime is described by Crunchyroll:

A peaceful life comes with a secret behind it. A clandestine organization preventing crimes called “DA – Direct Attack” operates alongside an all-girls team of agents named “Lycoris”. This serenity of daily existence is all due to these young girls. The most capable Lycoris agent of all time is the elite Chisato Nishikigi, accompanied by the talented yet enigmatic Lycoris, Takina Inoue. They perform their duties at one of its sectors–Café LycoReco.

Orders at this café expand from coffee and sweets to babysitting, shopping, teaching Japanese to foreign students, and more. They usually include tasks that are not typical for Lycoris.

Living a carefree and upbeat life, the peacemaking Chisato pairs with the serene and effective Takina. The bustling daily lives of this mismatched couple starts now!

The anime now has a new animation scheme on the pipeline.

The anime marked Adachi’s first foray into directing. Before undertaking this anime, Adachi had roles as the character designer and main animation director for Sword Art Online and Working!!. Imigimuru (This Art Club Has a Problem!), designed the TV anime and A-1 Pictures was the producer of the project. Ben-To author Asaura was responsible for drafting the storyline. Outfit designer for Kimika Onai (Nogizaka46, Sakurazaka46), created the characters’ uniforms.

ClariS contributed the opening theme song “ALIVE” and Sayuri performed the closing theme song “Hana no Tō” (Flower Tower).

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