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30th Anniversary of ATASHIn’CHI Manga Celebrated with New Net Anime

On Friday, SC Digital unveiled plans to launch a fresh anime adaptation of the ATASHIn’CHI franchise. This animated version will be streamed exclusively on YouTube. Further information about this endeavour will be disclosed in due time. The upcoming anime is being released in honour of the manga franchise’s 30th anniversary celebration.

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The incredibly popular mangaka Eiko Kera’s unique original manga has already given birth to an animated TV series that was telecasted for seven years from 2002 to 2009. The ATASHIn’CHI film hit the screens in 2003, quickly followed by a 40-minute 3D animated ATASHIn’CHI adaptation in 2010. Newcomers were introduced to the franchise through a television anime called Shin ATASHIn’CHI in October 2015 that concluded in April 2016. As the series was airing in Japan, fans were able to watch it via Crunchyroll’s streaming service.

Since May 2020, dedicated and avid fans have rejoiced in the chance to watch the English subtitled versions of both ATASHIn’CHI and its television adaption, Shin ATASHIn’CHI, on the anime’s official YouTube channel. The YouTube channel of this beloved anime series is currently revelling in its success of acquiring 1 million subscribers.

Shinei Animation alongside AlphaBoat has provided an enticing outline of the anime storyline:

ATASHIn’CHI is set around the everyday scenarios within the Tachibana family. The plot puts forth characters that range from the persistent yet clumsy Mother, the reticent Father who insists on executing things his way, the hopelessly romantic high schooler, Mikan and Yuzuhiko who appears indifferent but is essentially quite naive.

Manga artist Kera debuted a new serialization named ATASHIn’CHI SUPER in December 2019, a staggering seven years after concluding the original series. The original manga that started in March 2012, was serialized in the Sunday edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper. Kera’s work in this newspaper spanned over 17 years and 10 months until its conclusion.

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