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3rd Arc of Pumpkin Night Manga Begins January 17

Picture credit Amazon Japan

The mobile app, LINE Manga, confirmed on Wednesday that the third
of the manga series ‘Pumpkin Night’, written by
Masaya Hokazono
and Seima Taniguchi, is slated for release on January 17.

The second volume of the series concluded its run on December 6. The manga series paused briefly in May 2021 and resumed again in July of the same year.

The eerie tale promoted in the manga starts when Akemi Nakatani, a girl, is tracked by an individual called “Pumpkin Night” on social media and gets a creepy private message moments before she is killed during a telephone conversation with a friend. Her friend, a boy named Kazuya Makino, becomes the next victim of Pumpkin Night. The real identity behind Pumpkin Night is revealed to be Naoko Kirino, a girl who has undergone bullying since childhood and has escaped a mental institution to seek revenge on those who tormented her.

The manga series was initiated on the LINE Manga app by authors Hokazono and Taniguchi in the year 2016. The manga’s seventh compilation book volume (shown on the right in the attached image) was released in October 2022 by LINE Digital Frontier. In June 2020, Hokazono, in collaboration with Nao Kurebayashi, released the prequel to Pumpkin Night, known as Naoko ~Pumpkin Night Gaiden~, again on the LINE Manga platform.

In the past, Hokazono had brought out the manga Inugami in Kodansha‘s Afternoon magazine, spanning from 1996 to 2002 and encompassing 14 volumes. Hokazono then recreated the manga with several alterations and published it as Inugami Kai with 10 volumes. Fast forward to present, Manga Planet is currently printing Hokazono’s Inugami Kai alongside the manga titled Doctor Mordrid, in English.

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