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4th Season of The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Announced

It was confirmed by Kadokawa on Monday that the fourth installment of the The Rising of The Shield Hero anime is set to commence production.

While the returning crew members and cast were not disclosed in the declaration, several familiar faces including director Hitoshi Haga and actors Kaito Ishikawa (Naofumi Iwatani), Asami Seto (Raphtalia), Rina Hidaka (Filo), Natsuko Hara (Rishia), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Ren Amaki), Makoto Takahashi (Motoyasu Kitamura), Yoshitaka Yamaya (Itsuki Kawasumi), Sarah Emi Bridcutt (Myne), Ami Koshimizu (Nadia), Kōhei Amasaki (Fohl), Konomi Kohara (Atla) and Maria Naganawa (S’yne) expressed their joy at the news, sharing celebratory messages.

The first season of the The Rising of The Shield Hero anime series inaugurated with a special two-hour premier in January 2019, and featured a 25 episode list. The show was aired in Japan by Crunchyroll. The Rising of the Shield Hero 2 went live in Japan in April 2022 and Crunchyroll replicated their previous broadcasting arrangement. The anime’s third installment surfaced this past October.

The original novel series, authored by Yusagi Aneko, alongside its manga adaptation, penned by Aiya Kyu, are set to be published by One Peace Books in English. Here is a brief overview of the novel series’ opening volume as defined by the publisher:

Our protagonist, Naofumi Iwatani, who is an unsociable otaku, whiling away his days on video games and manga, is surprisingly pulled into a parallel universe. He soon finds out that he has been named as one of four heroes, each holding legendary weaponry, charged with the mission to protect the world from the doomed prophecy of destruction. As the Shield Hero, considered as the weakest among the group, things aren’t as straightforward as they seem. Naofumi quickly finds himself alone, without any means and deceived by others. He has nowhere left to escape, with only his shield to depend upon. Now, it rests upon him to stand tall, to become the legendary Shield Hero, and protect the world from impending disaster.

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