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8 New Boys-Love Manga Licenses Announced by Animate International

During a virtual meeting on Zoom, Animate International revealed that it has secured the rights to eight new manga series in the boys-love genre.

The cover is still being finalized
Picture provided by Animate International

A Dinner with a Stray Cat

Author: Kure

Summary: On his way back home, Shiota, a diligent businessman, encounters a stranger on the brink of starvation. Unexpectedly, this stranger turns out to be Suzuya, his former part-time colleague. Not able to turn a blind eye, Shiota uses his culinary skills, polished over the years, to prepare a few dishes for Suzuya. Initially a one-time event, this soon turns into a regular occurrence with Suzuya showing up when anticipating a sumptuous meal. At first sight, it seems Shiota should find this regular intrusion bothersome, but he is intrigued by this frequent, unexpected visitor, much like a stray cat that entered his life.

The cover is yet to be finalized
Photo courtesy of Animate International

The Time I Was Reborn in a BL Manga

Author: Maria

Summary: Tetsuo Tanaka, a manga artist, is brutally stabbed on a bus ride and wakes up in the BL manga universe that he is the creator of. He bumps into the sensual lover Takumi quite quickly. However, in this life, Tetsuo is the promiscuous antagonist Atsushi, rivaling the canon seme. Can he change the storyline to win over his dream man, or will he make his own ways to have “fun” in this universe?

The cover art is still under development
Image shared by Animate International

Dear My Killer Tune

Author: Iyada

Summary: Hirotaka Masaki, a hairdresser by profession, has been an ardent fan of Reiichi Himemiya, lead guitarist of the superstar rock band The Lazy Rats. A casual fan turned into a deep-rooted follower over the years, Hirotaka couldn’t have been more stunned when Reiichi walks into his hair salon. This celebrity encounter blurs the fan-star boundary that Hirotaka had always maintained.

The cover is not yet finalized
Image shared by Animate International

Counting Down to Yes

Author: Roji

Summary: Minato and Wataru, though appearing to be complete opposites, bond over their shared passion for photography. Their bond grows so strong during their university days that they decide to live together. However, it’s not until Minato moves to start his working life that Wataru discovers his romantic feelings for his longtime friend. As Minato returns to town, will their friendship take a romantic turn or remain as it is?

The artwork on the cover is still being developed
Image shared by Animate International

Love in the World of the Highly Sensitive Person

Author: Chimi Sarukawa

Summary: Yukinaga, a highly sensitive individual, feels nervous under high-pressure scenarios and is picky about his tools since they directly affect his work as a hairdresser. When his colleague suggests sending his scissors to the tool-sharpening expert Tetsuomi, he is amazed by the masterly craft. But when he decides to thank Tetsuomi personally, he finds Tetsuomi’s personality much rougher than he anticipated.

The cover is still in the design stage
Image provided by Animate International

100dB, Ringing for You

Toworu Miyata

Summary: Kanata Hanamaki, a high school student, admirably lives out his quiet days in the peaceful tunes of Haito, an utaite he admires. Everything changes when Haito stops updating his music, and the school receives a transfer student, Takahiro Utagawa, from Tokyo the following year. When Takahiro overhears Kanata playing one of Haito’s songs and hums along, Kanata recognizes a familiar sound in his voice.

Cover is yet to be finalized
Picture courtesy of Animate International

Loveless Momentum

Zeniko Sumiya

Summary: This is a derivative work of
Breathless Momentum

Reiichi Miyoshi is a seasoned musician who flirts with no emotional attachment and has a rule against any long-term relationship. Sara Aogiri, who loves dressing in women’s clothes, is determined to win over Miyoshi’s heart. The challenge is on!

Cover in process
Picture provided by Animate International

Breathless Momentum: Super Pink [Special Story]

Zeniko Sumiya

Summary: Find out about the intimate adventures of Yano & Shizuki in this
from Breathless Momentum by
Zeniko Sumiya
, the originator of the parent series!

Animate International also revealed plans about releasing a printed version of Mitsuru Sangō‘s Mask Danshi: Nothing Should Lead to Love Volume 1 as well as the previously announced physical edition of Toworu Miyata‘s Co-living With Him in 2024. Living With Him will mark Animate International’s debut in the print publishing arena.

Moreover, the company announced its intentions of releasing sequels of the following series this year:

A Lover of Cosmetics Play Volumes 5, 6, and 7 by Sachi Narashima
Lala’s Marriage Life Volume 6 by Tamekō
Mask Danshi: This Shouldn’t Lead to Love Volume 4 by Mitsuru Sangō
Tashiro-kun, What Makes You Like This? Volume 4 by Yamada

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