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AI-Developed Games Allowed by New Steam Regulations

On Wednesday, Valve Corporation declared that game developers are now required to complete an “AI (artificial intelligence) disclosure section” when submitting games to
. The provided information will assist the company in assessing the game and, in the event of the game’s approval, will be used to communicate information concerning the game’s use of AI on its
Steam storefront page.

In a recent blog post, Valve Corporation touched on the “legally uncertain territory” of AI technologies and declared that adjustments are being made in the way it “manages” games incorporating such technologies. The freshly instituted regulations advocate for transparency in respect to AI usage and will empower developers to submit games that make use of assets they may not own outright.

The Verge reports that Valve Corporation had previously disapproved multiple submissions to the Steam store, attributing the refusal to a dependence on “Content owned by third-party entities.” However, Kaci Boyle, a spokesperson for Valve, later clarified that the corporation is not intending to deter AI usage and is currently working on assimilating it into the company’s standing policies.

The updated guidelines organize AI applications in games into two distinct categories:

  • Pre-Generated: This category includes any form of content (art/code/sound/etc) crafted with the assistance of AI tools during the developmental process. According to the Steam Distribution Agreement, developers guarantee Valve that their game wouldn’t encompass content that is illegal or infringing, ensuring their game aligns accurately with its marketing materials. The pre-release vetting process will scrutinize AI-created content within your game in the same manner as non-AI content, along with a validation check for conformation to the existing agreements.
  • Live-Generated: Referring to any form of content formulated with AI tools while the game is operational. In line with the rules for Pre-Generated AI content, this category carries an extra stipulation: within the Content Survey, it’s mandatory to delineate the kind of safeguards applied to your AI to guarantee it isn’t producing illegal content.

Moreover, Valve is introducing a brand-new feature on Steam platform that enables players to bring to light any “illicit content within games that incorporate Live-Generated AI content.”

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