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Anime Adaptation of Tohai Mahjong Manga Announced for This Year

Pony Canyon announced today that Kôji Shinasaka’s manga Tôhai – Ura Route Mahjong Tôhairoku is set to be adapted into an anime called Tôhai – Ura Rate Mahjong Tôhairoku, expected to be out later this year.

Image courtesy of Pony Canyon

This project is being directed by Jun Hatori at EAST FISH STUDIO. Mariko Kunisawa oversees the scripts, and the character designs are by Sayaka Anesaki. The music is composed by Yûsuke Shirato and Yuki Kishida.

Pony Canyon provides a description of the anime, and here is our translation:

Money, women, organs. Key, a high school student, frequents a mahjong room in the slums that is driven by the dark desires of the players. His cold strategy and distinguished gameplay earn him the nickname “K of Ice”. A rumor follows him: he is said to keep a girl at home…

The original manga by Shinasaka was pre-published in the Young Champion by Akita Shoten between 2006 and 2011, spanning a total of twelve volumes. The license also includes the manga Tôhai: Hitobashita-hen (16 volumes), Tôhai: Minagoroshi-hen (12 volumes), Haô Densetsu Kion (4 volumes), Haô Kessen Lion (five volumes), and the manga Tôhai: Cold Girl. The latter is still on going and its next volume, the 6th, will be released on January 18.

The license inspired a live-action movie released in Japan in 2013.

Kei, a high school student, frequents the underground mahjong salon filled with desires, earning him the nickname “K of Ice” in the underworld due to his cold tactics and sophisticated gameplay. There are also rumors floating around that he is housing a girl at his place.

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