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AnimeFesta Reveals Yaribeya Gurashi Manga Anime Adaptation

Suiseisha, the Japanese publishing house, has made a public announcement that the Manga “Yaribeya Gurashi” authored by “Suika”, acknowledged also as (Sex Room Life), is serving as inspiration for the forthcoming adaptation by AnimeFesta. Previously known as Anime Zone and ComicFesta Anime, the new anime has been titled as “Yoasobi Gurashi” translating to (Night Life). Furthermore, a printed edition of the manga will be published on the 18th of April, under the fresh title of “Yoasobi Gurashi.”

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The plot of the manga initiates with Kazuto accommodating his childhood friend and professional model, Yayoi at his apartment, who seeks shelter, avoiding any explanation for her action. Routinely, Kazuto witnesses Yayoi leaving with a man, inspiring him to question the reason for her not staying with him. One particular night, Yayoi requests Kazuto to stay out till morning, due to a friend she invited over, after his graveyard shift at a part-time job ends. Kazuto speculates her friend to be a man she might be intending to sleep with. As his suspicions turn into reality, a new dynamic in their association unfolds.

The manga was first introduced to fans in 2022 on the ComicFesta website, owned by WWWave Corporation, and was the brainchild of Suika.

WWWave Corporation, the proprietor of AnimeFesta and the ComicFesta Manga service, has manufactured short anime adaptations of no less than 25 mangas from ComicFesta throughout the previous six years. Most of these anime have been adult-themed or risqué. The inaugural AnimeFesta production was “On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest”, an anime also referred to as “Sōryo-waku” or “Sōryo-type” by the fans based on its original Japanese title. Generally, the AnimeFesta series are available in two versions: a censored “broadcast” version and an uncensored “premium” version available online. WWWave Corporation releases the English versions of numerous anime via its Coolmic website.

The most recent adaptation by AnimeFesta was “Adam’s Sweet Agony”, an anime adaptation of Toyo’s manga of the same name. The first episode was made available to the audience on December 8. The anime premiered on Tokyo MX and BS11 television channels and also streamed on services such as YouTube and Niconico starting from January 7. Additionally, the Coolmic manga and anime website started ‘streaming’ an English subtitle version on December 26.

Additional resources: The news was confirmed by “Adam’s Sweet Agony” anime’s Twitter account, and was reported by Ota-Suke.

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