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Another World Anime’s Video Reveals Cast, Staff, July Debut, Future Ban

Kadokawa has released the primary full-length marketing trailer for the forthcoming television anime adaptation of Hiroshi Noda and Takahiro Wakamatsu‘s Banned from Otherworld Duty (Isekai Shikkaku) manga this Wednesday. The trailer introduces the main characters, team, and the show’s July 2024 broadcast timeline.

The ensemble comprises:

Hiroshi Kamiya voices Sensei (Osamu Dazai), an intellectual marvel who attempts to commit suicide with his beloved “Sacchan,” however, he is run over by a truck and is sent to another world. He is always seen with his favorite sleeping tablets, always looking for the perfect place to end his life.
Kamiya: “I am excited to declare that I am providing my voice to the character Sensei in Banned From Otherworld Duty. This is my initial attempt at a parallel universe, yet I’ve already received the label of ‘ineligible’…. Perhaps this could be my first and last expedition to a parallel world… Regardless, I hope to do my best in giving life to the character of Sensei!”


Rumi Okubo voices Annette, a priestess at the Ersten Chapel, to where Sensei is transported. She is innocent and selfless.
Okubo: “Hi, I’m Rumi Okubo and I’m providing my voice to Annette. Annette is a charming priestess who guides indiviuals transferred from other worlds. Her life goes through a drastic change since meeting Sensei. Voicing such an attractive character, it was unexpected for me to be asked to “make it less refined” during retakes…. I found the recording sessions to be quite amusing, hence, I’m looking forward to how Annette’s character evolves in the anime! The show is humorous, emotional, and well-balanced – definitely an intriguing series! Please enjoy the anime Banned From Otherworld Duty!”


Sayumi Suzushiro voices Tama, a martial artist girl who Sensei saves.
She is assertive but also has a genuine and likeable nature.
Suzushiro: “I’m Sayumi Suzushiro, and I’ll be playing the role of Tama.
Upon first reading the original manga, I exclaimed, ‘Who would have thought a protagonist could be this unexcited about living!?’
Although Tama often makes sarcastic remarks, all the characters are fascinating, which led me to naturally laugh at their interactions, and I breezed through the story in no time. I am eager to see how Tama and the others interact with the unique aura that Sensei brings, so I’m hoping you all look forward to the anime too!”


Makoto Koichi voices Nir, a young boy who introduces traveling bodyguards in the village of Viridis. He treasures his father’s relic of a sword.
Koichi: “After reading the original work, I was enchanted by everything, including the unique worldview, the setting for Sensei’s character, and the comedic and serious episodes. It’s a unique piece of work that takes you to another world!
I’m very pleased to play the character of Nir-kun in this series. Although he’s an apprentice swordsman, his character background and journey make him endearing and I can’t wait for everyone to see him in the anime. As a member of the main cast, I aim to deliver a strong and dynamic performance. Thank you kindly for your attention and I hope you look forward to the anime!”


Shigeki Kawai (Uncle From Another World) is managing the anime at Atelier Pontdarc. Yasuhiro Nakanishi (Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, My Romance Story With Yamada-kun at Lv999) is supervising and penning the series’ scripts. Tomoshige Inayoshi and Asako Inayoshi (both worked on Buddy Complex) are designing the characters and serving as main animation directors. Kenji Terao is acknowledged for monster design. Kenichiro Suehiro is the music composer.

Goichi Iwahata, Shigeyuki Koresawa (Digital Noise), Michiru Odaka (Digital Noise), and Light Dream (Digital Noise) are acknowledged for prop designs. Masakazu Miyake is steering the art, while Yuri Sanan is acknowledged for art setting. Izumi Sakamoto is the main coloriner. Nexus is in charge of the special effects. Light Dream and Aya Inuise (Digital Noise) are acknowledged for 2D design, while Miki Yoshida (POLYG) is managing the 3D. Aera Laboratory is collaborating on the modelling. Takeshi Hirooka (Nexus) is the director of photography. Hitomi Sudō (REAL-T) is the editor. Jin Aketagawa is in charge of sound, while Magic Capsule is producing the audio. Kadokawa is producing the music.

Seven Seas Entertainment
the manga in English, and provides the following synopsis:

Imagine a second life in a parallel world with adorable girls by your side and the power of a video game–sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Not for one specific despondent writer, who would literally prefer to die. Honestly, all the magical adventures are just blocking his poetic dream of finding the ideal place to die. Despite the numerous times he risks his life, things tend to turn out okay. Will our suicidal protagonist find a newfound zeal for life in this comically somber other-world comedy?

The Love After World Domination manga duo NODA and Wakamatsu initiated the manga on Shogakukan‘s Yawaraka Spirits website in October 2019. Seven Seas Entertainment is publishing the manga in English.

Love After World Domination inspired a TV anime that premiered in April 2022. Crunchyroll streamed the anime live and also streamed an English dub. Kodansha USA Publishing is releasing the manga in English.

Update: Added character descriptions along with comments from the cast.

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