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Another World TV Anime Quality Assurance Delayed to July

The official channel for the TV
adaptation of
Masamichi Sato
Quality Assurance in Another World
Kono Sekai wa Fukanzen Sugiru
) manga announced last Saturday that the anime’s arrival will be postponed from its initial spring release to July. The cause for the change in schedule was not disclosed by the site. The director of the anime,
Kei Umabiki
last Saturday, stating that the development of the anime is progressing effectively.

Crunchyroll shall broadcast the anime concurrently with its release and has provided the following synopsis for the series:

Situated in the distant south of the continent of Felnarc, the isle of Clayborne is made up of five small nations densely packed and constantly at odds with each other. In the smallest and most peaceful country on the island, the Kingdom of Bayle, lies a small village where a girl named Nikola lives a simple life. While out collecting wood one day, as she does daily, an enormous dragon—a creature believed to dwell only in the deepest part of the mountains—appears before her. As it’s about to assault the village, a man named Haga arrives at the scene, who is part of the King’s Seekers, a highly confidential investigating team. Nikola has never once felt discontent with her peaceful existence despite every day being virtually identical, but her encounter with Haga piques her interest in Haga and his journeys so much so that she decides to venture out into the world herself… leading to her discovery of her world’s true essence.

The anime features:

Direction of the anime is managed by Kei Umabiki (ClassicaLoid season 2) at studios 100Studio and Studio Palette. The scripts for the series are being overseen and written by Shogo Yasukawa (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma anime series, Hyperdimension Neptunia) and the characters are designed for animation by Shigeo Akahori (Texhnolyze, involved in sub character design for Record of Ragnarok).

Art direction is handled by Kenichi Tajiri (Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie). Sakie Suzuki (I’m Quitting Heroing) is in charge of color design. Ayako Otsuki (The tale of outcasts) serves as the director of photography. The editing is managed by Emi Onodera (Himouto! Umaruchan), and the sound direction is overseen by Takeshi Takadera (Yowamushi Pedal).

Manga releases, both digital and paper versions, are being handled by Kodansha USA Publishing. The manga, which is still ongoing, was first released on Kodansha‘s Comic Days platform in 2020.

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