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April Debut for New Pretty Series TV Anime: Teaser Reveals Cast, Staff, Title

The authoritative YouTube platform for the well-known Pretty Series franchise recently premiered a sneak peak of the franchise‘s forthcoming television anime, as of the last working day of the week. The trailer introduces the principal cast, chief staff, and the new title of the anime, Himitsu no AiPri (The Secret of AiPri).

The show incorporates the catchphrase, “Watashi-tachi no Muteki na Live de Mezase! Kirakira no Buzzrium Change!” (Let’s Strive For Greatness In Our Unquestionable Concerts! Twinkling Buzzrium Transformation!) Over the years, the franchise has been themed around the connected ideas of music, dance, and fashion. The newest addition brings in the concept of a “secret”, in addition to the main storyline of realizing the dreams of children who want to become someone else or change.

The lead characters are Himari Aozora and Mizuki Hoshikawa, two new first-year middle school attendees at exclusive Paradise Academy. The plot unravels when the socially awkward Himari, who has aspirations of making 10,000 friends, stumbles upon an AiPri Bracelet. This event leads to her unexpected initial performance in an AiPri show – a childhood dream of hers.

Himari is played by the 17-year old up-and-coming Minori Fujidera. After winning the franchise‘s 10th Anniversary Seiyū Artist Audition in 2021, she made her debut in voice acting with the character Auru Omega in the recent Pretty Series anime television show, Waccha PriMagi!.


Sae Hiratsuka, known for her role as Meiko in Me & Roboco, plays the role of Himari’s best friend, Mizuki.


The anime is co-directed by Jun’ichi Fujisaku, known for anime sensations like Blood+, DEEMO Memorial Keys, and Loups=Garous – The Motion Picture; and Kentaro Yamaguchi, well-known for his work on Beyblade Burst God, PuniRunes, and Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z. The anime is being created at OLM and Dongwoo A&E, overseen by chief directors Park Chi Man, Nam Sung Min, Choi Hun Cheol, and Shin Gi Chuel.

Gigaemon Ichikawa of Dongwoo A&E is responsible for writing the series script. He is also acclaimed for his work on The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made and Kedama no Gonjiro. The original character concepts, developed by syn Sophia‘s Yumi Nashimoto, will be adapted into character designs by Yuki Nagano for the series.

The anime’s CG direction is being handled by Satoshi Yanagawa. While the music is being composed by Izumi Mori, famous for her theme songs in Delicious Party♡Precure, Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure and Let’s Make a Mug Too, and Noriyoshi Konuma is overseeing the direction of sound.

The anime series will air on TV Tokyo along with five of its affiliate channels.

Various merchandising strategies for the anime series include arcade game machines and toys. Two distinct gaming machines, named Himitsu no AiPri and AiPriVerse, will be released simultaneously on April 4. The Himitsu no AiPri machine features a rhythmic live concert game utilizing cards.


On the other hand, AiPriVerse targets the core audience of the Pretty Series, where fans can customize, develop, and interact with their characters and those of others. This setup will feature characters from the entire franchise.


The Pretty Series was first introduced to the world through an arcade game called Pretty Rhythm: Mini Skirt, a creation of syn Sophia in 2010. This gameplay led to the production of four anime television series, five anime films, and the spinoff King of Prism franchise. A successor game, PriPara (also known as Prism Paradise), launched in 2014 and sparked the creation of four television anime seasons and four anime films.

The inaugural season of the series Kiratto Pri☆Chan debuted in Japan during April 2018 followed by its second season the following year in April 2019. The series’ third season premiered in April 2020 and concluded in May of the last year. The series was streamed on Crunchyroll where it was aired.

Idolland PriPara, the application for smartphone as well as the anime derived from the franchise, had to postpone the release of the app from Spring 2021 to this year.

The television anime Waccha PriMagi! took its premier bow on October 3, 2021. Its conclusion in October 2022 signified the closure of the franchise‘s impressive 11 and a half year of continual run of anime television series.

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