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April to Witness 2 Stage Plays of Vinland Saga Manga

Kodansha declared on Saturday that Makoto Yukimura‘s manga, famously known as Vinland Saga, will be adapted into two distinctive stage performances. These performances will be named as Butai “Vinland Saga” ~Umi no Hate no Hate-hen~ (Vinland Saga the Stage: At the End of the End of the Ocean) and Butai “Vinland Saga” ~Eiyū Fukkatsu-hen~ (Revival of the Hero).

Image via Butai Vinland Saga’s website

These performances are scheduled to take place at the Kokumin Kyōsai Coop Hall / Space Zero in Tokyo. The showrun will be from April 19 to the 29. The play Butai “Vinland Saga” ~Umi no Hate no Hate-hen~ will focus on the character Thorfinn, while Butai “Vinland Saga” ~Eiyū Fukkatsu-hen~ will primarily revolve around Canute. Each play has eight performances planned.

The creation of scripts and direction of the performances will be undertaken by Daisuke Nishida.

Specific roles in the stage plays will be enacted by:

  • Shōhei Hashimoto portraying Thorfinn
  • Ryō Kitamura playing Canute
  • Seijiro Nakamura as Thors
  • Takeshi Hayashino as Thorkell
  • Ryoko Isogai as Bjorn
  • Yojiro Murata as Floki
  • Saaya Yamasaki (only featured in the Thorfinn-focused play) as Ylva
  • Hiroto Sakuma as Ragnar
  • Kohei Hayashida as Willibald
  • Yasuhisa Katō as Asgeir
  • Takurō Sawada as Atli
  • Tatsuhiro Honma as Ear
  • Yuki Kakikawa as Halfdan
  • Takashi Hagino as Askeladd

Kodansha USA Publishing is responsible for releasing the English version of the manga, and they provide a brief overview:

The story revolves around Thorfinn—the son of one of the Vikings’ most formidable warriors. When Askeladd, a mercenary leader, kills his father in battle, Thorfinn vows to avenge his father’s death. Thorfinn finds himself in the midst of a violent struggle for the English crown as he joins Askeladd’s group to challenge him to a duel. This highly anticipated epic tale comes from the creator of the renowned Planetes manga.

Yukimura commenced the series in 2005 and it was published in Kodansha‘s Weekly Shōnen Magazine. This series later found a new home in the Afternoon by Kodansha. The fourth and final installment of the manga series was initiated by Yukimura in November 2019. At present, the series has over 7 million copies in circulation.

The first animated adaptation of this manga hit screens in July 2019 and consisted of 24 episodes. These were available on Amazon Prime Video for streaming in Japan and elsewhere. The season was also available on Netflix and HIDIVE for viewers to stream from July 2022 onwards.

The second season of the anime rolled out in January 2023. The anime is currently available for streaming in Japan on numerous services, including Netflix. In addition, Netflix is also streaming the anime worldwide, except in China. Apart from Asia, Crunchyroll is streaming the season globally. They are also streaming the season dubbed in English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and French, and have also begun streaming an English dub.

Sources: Butai Vinland Saga‘s website, Stage Natalie

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