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Ayumi Mano Cast in 2nd Season of High Card Anime

The production team for the poker-focused High Card anime announced on Friday that
Ayumi Mano is set to join the anime’s second season’s cast in the sixth episode, airing February 12. Mano will be voicing Chloe (pictured below), a girl on the run, searching for assistance from the police.

Image provided by Kadokawa


The second season first aired on January 8.

The previously unveiled new cast members for the anime include: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka who will voice Zenon, Miyuki Sawashiro as Burst, Kaori Nazuka lending her voice to Gao Wan, and Kenshō Ono as Sonic Move.

Behind the scenes, publication company TMS, writer Homura Kawamoto (Kakegurui franchise), and his sibling Hikaru Muno (Kakegurui novel) are attributed with the original work. The original character designer credit goes to Ebimo. Junichi Wada (The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, Caligula, Sakugan) is the director of the anime series at Studio Hibari. The scripts are being overseen by Naoki Kuroyanagi, with script writing by Kenichi Yamashita, Kazuhiko Inukai, and Shingo Nagai. Character design and animation direction is credited to Nozomi Kawano and Mayumi Watanabe with Ryō Takahashi as the composer. The production of the anime is done by TMS Entertainment.

For the opening theme song of the new season, FIVE NEW OLD will perform once again, while Raon is set to perform the ending theme song, titled “Hakuchūmu” (Daydream).

Kadokawa gives a synopsis of the story:

When Finn discovers his orphanage is facing closure due to fiscal troubles, this street-smart youngster decides to try his luck at a casino to accumulate wealth.
However, unprepared for the nightmare that he is about to face.
Finn unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of a car chase and violent gunfight triggered by an individual’s “lucky” card.
As the story unfolds, Finn learns the truth behind the gunfight.
A unique set of 52 X-playing cards possesses the ability to grant extraordinary powers to those who have them, allowing users to unlock a “buddy” within themselves.
A clandestine group known as High Card has been ordered by the king of Fourland to retrieve these scattered cards while posing as employees of luxury car manufacturer Pinochle.
Soon, Finn is drafted as the fifth member of this group and joins them on a perilous quest to locate these cards.

“All you need in life are manners, dignity, and the willingness to gamble with your own life.”

However, rival car manufacturer Who’s Who, obsessed with besting Pinochle, and the notorious Mafia family the Klondikes, are obstacles in their path.

An intense battle among these card-crazed players, driven by justice, lust, and vengeance, is about to kick off!

Are you prepared?

It’s Showtime!!

The High Card multimedia initiative also saw a stage adaptation titled HIGH CARD the STAGE – CRACK A HAND, which had a run from January 19 to 29 in Tokyo.

The initiative introduced its inaugural drama CD volume in December 2022. Publisher Kadokawa, animating studio TMS Entertainment, and entertainment firm Sammy Corporation are backing the poker-themed project. The firms previously disclosed that the project will span across various forms of media, including anime, manga, and novels. The first season of the anime premiered in January 2023.

The High Card -♢9 No Mercy manga kickstarted on Square Enix‘s Manga UP! platform in August 2022. The man behind the project’s original character design, Ebimo, draws the manga. The High Card -♢7 Never No Dollars novel was serialized in the Monthly Newtype magazine, starting August 2022. The project’s second novel HIGH CARD–♧3Green Green&♡5Calories High began serialization in Monthly Newtype in September 2023.

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