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Blue Giant Anime Film Available on Blu-ray, Digitally from GKIDS on April 30

made an announcement on Monday stating their plans to bring Shinichi Ishizuka’s
Blue Giant
to Blu-ray Disc and “all significant digital platforms” on April 30. The Blu-ray Disc release, which is being spearheaded by
Shout! Studios, will feature a Q&A with the pianist
Hiromi Uehara
as well as trailers.

The movie debuted in Japan in February 2023, and accumulated 116,561,020 yen (roughly US$867,600) in its first three days of release. By April 2023, the movie collected over 1 billion yen. In June 2023, the movie was shown as a sneak preview at the 2023 Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

GKIDS presented the film in North American theaters in October 2023.

The director of the film was Yuzuru Tachikawa, known for ‘Death Parade, all three seasons of Mob Psycho 100, Deca-Dence‘. The studio behind the film is NUT. The screenplay was written by NUMBER 8, who was also the editor of Blue Giant manga and the story director for Blue Giant Supreme manga. The film is being distributed by TOHO animation.

World-class pianist Uehara created original music for the jazz trio JASS, a group within the movie’s narrative. Uehara also provided piano accompaniment for the character Yukinori Sawabe. Saxophonist Tomoaki Baba offered saxophone renditions for the character Dai. Shun Ishiwaka, drummer from the band Millennium Parade, performed drums for Shunji Tamada.

Ishizuka’s 10-volume manga series titled ‘Blue Giant‘ is being published by Seven Seas Entertainment as five omnibus volumes. The description of the story reads:

The life of Miyamoto Dai, a student and basketball enthusiast, is forever changed after he attends a jazz concert. The mesmerizing music touches his soul leading him to devote himself to the saxophone. Even though he lacks skill, formal training, and an understanding of the challenge ahead, his obsession compels him to play day after day. Can passion alone fulfill his dream of becoming an expert player? Coming from Shinichi Ishizuka, this award-winning manga has been compiled into five omnibus volumes for its English release and offers an impeccable dramatization of the influence of music.

Ishizuka, also known for ‘Gaku – Minna no Yama‘, debuted the manga in Big Comic in May 2013, and concluded it in August 2016. The manga received nominations for both the eighth and ninth Manga Taisho Awards in 2015 and 2016 respectively. It won the Grand Prize for Manga Division at the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in 2017.

Upon completing ‘Blue Giant‘, Ishizuka then launched a sequel manga titled ‘Blue Giant Supreme‘ in Big Comic in September 2016, concluding it in April 2020. The manga consisted of 10 volumes.

Ishizuka started a new follow-up manga called ‘Blue Giant Explorer‘ in Big Comic in May 2020.

In total, the ‘Blue Giant‘ manga series has seen a remarkable 10 million copies circulated.

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