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Boy’s Abyss Manga by Ryo Minenami Enters Final Arc

The ninth issue of the 2022 release by
in their
Weekly Young Jump
edition, announced on Thursday that the manga
Ryo Minenami
Boy’s Abyss
or in Japanese,
Shōnen no Abyss,
is moving into its concluding arc. The new issue will be published on February 8.

Ryo Minenami had already declared in the early stages of January that the manga will wrap up within the current year.

The manga was acquired by Viz Media who went onto release the fourth volume in the English language on January 23. The plot of the manga as described by Viz Media is:

A young boy, driven further into the depths by selfish adults and shattered dreams, feels penned up in a lifeless town. The town’s biggest event is a double suicide near the river. The question arises – does Reiji, the main character, have control over his future, or will he too be led to the abyss?

Reiji’s mother is withdrawn, his granny, whom he takes care of, is suffering from dementia, and his childhood friend sees Reiji as nothing more than a henchman. Then, Nagi, a famous pop star from the city, unexpectedly starts an assignment at the town’s local convenience store. Struck by the occurrence, Reiji is captivated. But will he give in when she proposes an ultimate escape from his suffocating life?

Minenami began the production of the manga in the Shueisha‘s
Young Jump magazine in February 2020. On December 19, the 15th volume of the compiled book of the manga was released by Shueisha.

In September 2022, the manga also inspired the production of a live-action TV series in Japan.

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