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CHAI Rock Band Disbands

Picture Credits: CHAI’s Official Site

On Thursday, the rock group CHAI released a statement announcing their impending split after their forthcoming tour in Japan. The band revealed that the reason behind this decision is to allow its members to pursue their path of “self-love” and hone their own individual visions.

CHAI, the band composed of members Mana, Kana, Yuuki, and Yuna, was formed back in 2012. CHAI is famously identified with the concept of “neo kawaii,” an alternative understanding of cuteness according to which everyone is inherently cute. The primary mission of the band is to depict this ideology with its music. Despite the split, each member will persist in upholding and propagating the ethos of “neo kawaii.”

Over the years, CHAI composed theme songs for several animes including Bosanimal, Oshiete Hokusai!, Kedama no Gonjiro, and Dinosaur Biyori. They’ve also played for the live-action series of Grappler Baki BL de wa Nai ka to 1-Nichi 30-Jikan 30-Nichi Kangaeta Otome no Kiroku. The band is also recognized for its collaborations with various esteemed artists and bands: Gorillaz, Superorganism, and Duran Duran to name just a few.

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