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Collar×Malice Anime Films Set for Stage Play Adaptation in August

The official webpage for
Gekijōban Collar×Malice Deep Cover
, the


.Translate of
Idea Factory
Collar x Malice
game, made public on Sunday that the film adaptations will also have a stage play version, set to perform at the Zenrosai Hall / Space zero in Tokyo between August 11 to 18.

The franchise has had four previously airing stage play versions. The inaugural stage play showcased in May 2019. The subsequent stage play was in May 2020. The third and fourth stage play were performed in December 2022 and May 2023, respectively.

The premiere Gekijōban Collar×Malice Deep Cover movie was released in Japan in May 2023, and the sequel saw its opening the following month, June 2023. The narrative of the films revolves around an unique tale of “another incident” happening in the “opposite side” of the X-Day Incident.

Localization enterprise Aksys Games provides a descriptive premise for Collar×Malice:

A savage onslaught by a terrorist conglomerate has put you in an unsettling predicament — wearing a lethal collar that could cease your existence in an instant. As your situation grows progressively dire and the clock ticks down, five enigmatic helpers offer their assistance in your pursuit of understanding. Whom should you place your confidence in? Is it possible to deliver not just your own life but also the soul of Shinjuku from oblivion’s grip? In a metropolis shackled by spite, you remain the solitary beacon of hope!

Otomate initially launched the Collar×Malice otome mystery visual novel in Japan in August 2016, and Aksys Games introduced the game in English in July 2017. The expansion Collar×Malice Unlimited spun-off — incorporating an interlude, follow-up tale, and trio of side narratives — was released for PlayStation Vita in Japan in July 2018.

The Switch iterations of both Collar×Malice and Collar×Malice Unlimited obtained a combined launch in Japan in March 2020. The English translation of Collar×Malice Unlimited became available in North America in August of the same year.

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