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Duel Masters LOST Project: Shigenobu Matsumoto Unveils New Manga, Card Pack

The latest issue of Shogakukan‘s monthly publication, Monthly Coro Coro Comics, presented an intriguing new initiative for Shigenobu Matsumoto‘s well-known manga, Duel Masters. Unveiled as Duel Masters LOST, the undertaking includes a fresh manga labeled as Duel Masters LOST Tsuioku no Suishō, translating as Duel Masters LOST: Crystal of Remembrance, all set to make its debut on the Weekly CoroCoro Comic online portal starting February 1. The original creation is attributed to Matsumoto, while the manga is being illustrated by Yō Kanebayashi, who publicized a drawing in honor of the project’s declaration.

Picture via Yō Kanebayashi’s X/Twitter profile

Marketing “LOST” as an “alternate timeline tale,” it unfolds concurrently with the ongoing narrative of Duel Masters Win. The manga, Duel Masters LOST Tsuioku no Suishō, portrays an unseen world and revolves around the main character of Duel Masters Win anime, a 16-year-old named Win Kirifuda, who has lost everything he ever wanted and is subsequently lured into a fight to reclaim his lost world.

In addition to the above, the Duel Masters LOST project features the “Abyss Revolution Gaiden: Death Bell Crystal” card deck, which provides an insight into the world of “LOST”, engrossing the players into an enigmatic combat. This array of cards will be available for purchase in Japan come February 17.

Photo via Duel Masters series’ X/Twitter page

Moreover, the franchise has recently introduced the Duel Masters Win: Complex Duel-hen manga in the Monthly Coro Coro Comics edition on Monday.

In September 2022, the Duel Masters Win anime made its debut and was closely followed by a new Duel Masters Win manga, introduced by Matsumoto in the August issue of Monthly Coro Coro Comics. One month ahead of the anime’s premiere. The third compiled book of the manga was released by Shogakukan in February 2023.

An ongoing sequel to the anime, Duel Masters Win: Duel Wars, was premiered in Japan in April 2023.

The Duel Masters King! manga by Matsumoto came to an end in July 2022. The manga first appeared in February 2020 in Monthly Coro Coro Comics and wrapped up with publishing of its final, eighth volume by Shogakukan in October 2022.

The Duel Masters King anime was released back in April 2020. This was followed by the Duel Masters King! TV anime coming out in April 2021. The most recently unveiled episode, called Duel Masters King Max, was launched in April 2022.

These three episodes form a continuation of the Duel Masters anime series that began airing in April 2017, added a new series called Duel Masters! in April 2018, which was then succeeded by the Duel Masters!! anime that started in April 2019.

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