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Eri Sakai Launches Manga Based on Natsuo Kirino’s Novel from He’s Expecting Series

Shueisha’s Cocohana magazine’s March edition, revealed last Friday that a new manga, titled “Tsubame wa Modotte Konai” (The Swallow Won’t Return), created by Eri Sakai is on the horizon. The manga, based on Natsuo Kirino’s novel of the same name, is slated to debut in the magazine’s next issue due to publish on February 28. Sakai announced the news by posting a photograph of the reveal on her Twitter account.

The novel offers a narrative centered around a 29-year-old woman named Riki, who resigns from her caregiving career in her hometown of Hokkaido and sets out for Tokyo to work at a hospital. Riki however, struggles financially due to the physically taxing and irregular nature of her job. Riki learns about a well-paid side job from her workmate Teru and decides to sign up as a surrogate at the Japanese branch of Arte, an established American assisted reproductive technology clinic.

The novel, originally published in March 2022, was awarded the prestigious Yoshikawa Eiji Prize, recognizing it as exceptional popular fiction.

Sakai previously brought to fruition the manga known as “He’s Expecting” or “Kentarō Hiyama’s First Pregnancy”, released in Kodansha’s Be Love magazine in 2012. Kodansha compiled the manga into a single book volume. It was later licensed by Kodansha USA Publishing who digitally publishes the manga. The story served as an inspiration for a live-action series in April 2022.

Recently, Sakai also debuted another manga named “Shōsansei no nai Nigorikawa” (Unproductive Nigorikawa) in Futabasha’s Jour magazine, premiering on January 4.

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