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Fable TV Anime Announces Main Cast, Begins Half-Year Run in April

The ninth issue of the year of
Weekly Young Magazine
has confirmed on a recent Monday that the TV anime
Katsuhisa Minami
The Fable
manga will make its debut in April. In addition to this, the magazine has introduced the principal cast and shared that the anime will be broadcasted for two back-to-back
(two-quarters of a year). The anime is slated to air on
and its associated channels.

The show will feature:

The anime is directed by
Ryousuke Takahashi of
Armored Trooper Votoms, Phoenix, Ozma fame at Tezuka Productions. The scripts for the series are being penned and supervised by sci-fi author Yūya Takashima and Mayumi Morita of
Black Jack TV and Vampire Knight is also contributing to the scriptwriting. The character designs are being handled by Hisama Kinoshita, Saki Hasegawa, and Junichi Hayama.

The original manga is being
distributed in English by
Kodansha USA Publishing and they describe the series as:

The Fable, a notorious “genius killer” hitman, finds most things simple but struggles with being an ordinary person. His toughest assignment might be the command not to kill anyone for a while…

Minami initially
introduced the original manga in
Weekly Young Magazine in November of 2014 before concluding the series in November 2019. The manga has a total of 22 volumes. The series bagged the Best General Manga award at the 41st Kodansha awards in 2017.

The original manga
paved the way for
two live-action movie adaptations. These were released in Japan in June of 2019 and 2021, respectively.

In July 2021, Minami
initiated the
The Fable: The Second Contact manga as a follow-up to
The Fable. The manga
completed its run on July 1st. This manga serves as the second installment of the overall manga franchise. On November 6, the manga’s ninth and final volume was released by

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