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Fate/Extra CCC Manga by Robina to Conclude with 8th Volume on March 8

Image obtained from Kadokawa’s official website

has confirmed that the eighth consolidated volume of Robina’s
Fate/Extra CCC
manga series will be the concluding volume. This volume is scheduled for release on March 8, together with the seventh volume.

The debut of the manga series occurred in Kadokawa‘s Comptiq magazine in June 2015. The sixth volume of the manga was brought out by Kadokawa in February 2021.

The manga series is based on the Fate/Extra CCC derivative game created by Type-Moon and Marvelous AQL launched it in Japan on the PlayStation Portable in March 2013.

The plot of the manga series begins with “Sakura,” who possesses the key. The Holy Grail War in the virtual world is supposedly over, but a lethal error triggers in the metaphysical computer that controls the world, thereby shifting the storyline to “the far side of the moon.”

The original Fate/Extra PSP dungeon role-play game made its appearance in Japan in 2010. Later, Aksys Games launched the game in North America in November 2012.

Robina embarked on a manga rendition of Fate/Extra in Comptiq in 2011, and its publication ended in November of 2014. The sixth and final volume of this manga adaptation was released by Kadokawa in December of 2014.

Kadokawa‘s Comp Ace magazine is currently serializing Fate/Extra – CCC Fox Tail, a manga spinoff by Seijin Takenoko.

Fate/Extra Last Encore, an anime adaptation of the Fate/Extra game, aired in Japan from January 2018. The series was made available for streaming on Netflix in the U.S. beginning June 2018.

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