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Fate/Samurai Remnant Game’s First DLC Releases February 9

Koei Tecmo has revealed that the first DLC for the video game Fate/samurai Remnant will be released on February 9, under the title Record’s Fragment: Keian Command Championship.

Picture via the Fate/Samurai Remnant game’s X account

This inaugural DLC will feature a combat tournament taking place in a mysterious area owned by the master of Babyloni-ya.

Players who purchase the season pass will receive a bonus item.

The game was released in Japan on September 28, followed by a Western release the next day. It is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation X, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch. The project is overseen by Type-Moon and co-produced in association with Aniplex.

The story is set during the 4th year of the Keian era in the Edo period. Several decades have passed since the end of a particularly bloody and turbulent time. Just as the people were enjoying lasting peace, a battle involving seven pairs of Masters and Servants threatens to disrupt everything as the “Waxing Moon Ritual” takes place in the shadows. Miyamoto Iori, a young man from Asakusa, finds himself in the middle of a violent Holy Grail War.

Rei Wataru is the artist behind Fate/Grand Order -Epic of Remnant- Pseudo-Singularity III (in which Miyamoto Musashi is the main character) and he designed the characters for the game. The game’s story is overseen by Hikaru Sakurai (visual novels Steampunk) and Yuichiro Higashide (Tokyo Babel), both of whom have written scripts for Fate/Grand Order. CloverWorks animated the intro video.

Sources: the Fate/Samurai Remnant game’s X account, Gamer

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