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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children U.S. Theater Return for Limited Run, February 21-22

Square Enix, Fathom Events, and Sony Pictures unveiled their plans on Tuesday to exhibit the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete in over 650 movie theaters across the United States for a short period on February 21-22. The English dub version will be shown on February 21, while the Japanese version with English subtitles will have its showing on February 22.

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Prior to the big screen presentation, audiences will be treated to exclusive video content, which includes a history of Final Fantasy VII, a sneak peek at gameplay from the impending Final Fantasy VII Rebirth video game, and fresh interviews with game and film director Tetsuya Nomura, Rebirth’s director Naoki Hamaguchi, and the producer Yoshinori Kitase.

The film Square Enix has announced that it will also display the movie in Japanese theaters from January 19 through February 1.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete serves as a director’s cut of the digital-animation film by Square Enix that narrates the story that takes place after the initial Final Fantasy VII RPG. The complete version incorporates 26 additional minutes of footage.

Introduction of the movie was first in 2005. In 2009, the Complete edition became available on Blu-ray Disc.

The next installment in the Square Enix project, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, is due for a global launch on February 29 on PlayStation 5, spreading across two discs.

The upcoming game by Square Enix is described as follows:

Once they escape from the oppressive city of Midgar, Cloud and his group embark on a voyage across the world. They can expect new adventures as they race through green fields on a Chocobo and discover diverse ecosystems.

Moreover, Square Enix is issuing a “twin pack” bundle comprising both Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

April 2020 saw Square Enix release the Final Fantasy VII Remake game on PlayStation 4, following a deferment from March 2020. The game remained a PlayStation exclusive through until April 2021. The Intergrade version, complete with extra content, came out in June 2021 on PlayStation 5, then in December 2021 on PC via Epic Games Store, and on Steam from June 2022.

1997 saw the release of Final Fantasy VII for the original PlayStation console. Through the eyes of Cloud Strife, a mercenary, we experience his mission to halt the Shinra Electric Power Company from depleting the planet’s Lifestream.

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