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Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light Project – Real-Life Father Passes Away

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The real-world father who inspired the live-action TV show
Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light
Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otōsan
) has recently passed away, according to the series’ director Kiyoshi Yamamoto, who made the announcement on
this Wednesday. The father, who was characterized as “Indy Jones” in the blog that inspired the series and its interpretation in Square Enix‘s
Final Fantasy XIV Online
MMORPG, was the real-life father of the blogger “Maidy,” who laid the original groundwork for the TV show.

Earlier this week, Yamamoto tweeted a request asking fans of the Dad of Light series to take a moment and remember Indy. He later disclosed that he had written the post while grieving after Indy’s death, stating that Indy has now “started a new voyage with Maidy.” Although he didn’t have many face-to-face interactions with the real-life father, Yamamoto was able to deliver a photograph of Maidy to Indy in the wake of Maidy’s passing.

Maidy passed away in December 2020 following a battle with illness. Maidy wrote on his blog in June 2020 that he had previously overcame cancer, and noted later that he was in the hospital.


Maidy stood behind the “Ichigeki Kakusatsu SS Nikki”
, offering insights into his experiences as a son gaming with his father, who was over 60. The pair bonded through the
Final Fantasy XIV
game. The blog formed the narrative for the live-action adaptations that depicted the evolving relationship of the father and son duo as they interacted through the game, all the while each harboring a secret of their own.

The live-action
Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light mini-series debuted in Japan in April 2017 and was subsequently streamed on Netflix. The Netflix platform added the show to its repertoire in the United States in September 2017.

A cinematic revamp starring a new cast was released in Japan in June 2019.

Details sourced from: Kiyoshi Yamamoto‘s Twitter profile via Hachima Kikō, Game Watch

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