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Fluffy Paradise’s Second Promotional Video Reveals Ending by Harmoe

The official website for the Anime adapted from the manga by Yuriko Takagami has released a second promotional video today. You can hear Fuwafuwa. Party Tsurarete Happy, the ending performed by harmoe.

The Anime will be released next January 7th on the channels Tokyo MX, BS11 and YTV. Let’s remember that it made its streaming premiere on the 1st of January on the platform ABEMA – and it is also available on Crunchyroll:

Died from overwork at the age of 27, Midori barely has time to lament when a god appears before her. He announces that she will be reincarnated in another world to observe humans to determine if they deserve to continue to exist. Thus, Midori starts anew as a young girl named Nefertima, endowed with a power that makes her loved by all living beings other than humans, whether they are animals, sacred creatures, or even monsters. Between two cuddles, Nefertima is determined to carry out this peculiar mission…

Image via the account of the anime Fluffy Paradise

Ai Kakuma will give life to Néma. Other notable names include:

Jun’ichi Kitamura (episode director for Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, My Wife is the Student Council President) leads this project at EMT Squared. Deko Akao (After the Rain, Noragami) is the author of the scripts, and Asami Miyazaki (key animation for Inazuma Eleven, animation director for Major 2nd, Kaiketsu Zorori) designs the characters.

Sizuk, a musical project by composer Shunryû, delivers the opening, titled Cottons Days.

The manga, as we recall, itself adapted from the light novels Isekai de Mofumofu Nadenade Suru Tameni Ganbattemasu (Fluffy Paradise) by Himawari and Kirouran. It was released on the site Gaugau Monster (Futabasha) in 2017. Himawari released their novel on the site Shôsetsuka ni Narô in 2012, where it is still being followed. Futabasha began publishing the title, accompanied by Kyouran’s illustrations, in July 2016. Both the novels and manga have 1.7 million copies in circulation.

The novels remain unknown in France to this day, but the manga is available from Coolcomic France, in digital format, under the title A Soft Paradise.

Sources: Fluffy Paradise’s anime website Fluffy Paradise, Comic Natalie

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