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Fujimaru’s Togabito no Kokuin Manga Series Ending

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The official Twitter profile for Kadokawa‘s ComicWalker platform announced on Wednesday that the final installment of Mamenosuke Fujimaru‘s Togabito no Kokuin (Criminal Stigmata) manga will be released on Saturday.

The narrative of the manga is based on the novel series by Kairi Aotsuki which shares the same title. The primary focus of the manga is Kanna, a remorseless serial killer who has garnered the nickname “Reiwa-Era Jack the Ripper.” The story takes a turn when he encounters a boy named Mikage, characterized by his fragile, porcelain-like features. Kanna, a man seeking love, is promised love by Mikage, who then unveils himself as a vampire.

Fujimaru initiated the manga on Kadokawa‘s Comic Newtype platform in July of 2022. The manga’s second accumulated book volume was brought out by Kadokawa in September 2023, and the third one is slated for a January 10 release.

Fujimaru has contributed artwork for several volumes of the Alice in the Country of… manga series, which is itself an adaptation of QuinRose‘s otome (intended for female gamers) video games. Seven Seas Entertainment has issued Fujimaru’s Alice manga in English.

Seven Seas also distributed an original illustrated interpretation of L. Frank Baum‘s seminal works The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Marvelous Land of Oz with artwork credited to Kriss Sison.

In addition to these works, Fujimaru also illustrated the Captive Hearts Of Oz manga. The script for this manga was penned by Ryo Maruya, and it was released by Seven Seas Entertainment in 2017.

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