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‘Go, Go, Loser Ranger!’ Anime Announces Four New Cast Members

The television series anime of Negi Haruba’s manga titled Go, Go, Loser Ranger! (Sentai Daishikkaku) announced the addition of four new voice actors to the cast via a fresh video release on Tuesday. Each of the new actors will be voicing roles as characters from the Divine Dragon Ranger’s lower-ranking members.

The following new members have been introduced into the cast:

Hiroyuki Yoshino in the role of Shun Tokita

Rika Nagae will voice Komachi Aizome

Azumi Waki assigned the character of Kanon Hisui

Fumihiko Tachiki will bring to life the character Masurao Nadeshiko

The following characters have been previously announced:

Yūsuke Kobayashi as Fighter D (also known as Footsoldier D or merely D)

Daishi Kajita was chosen for the role of Hibiki Sakurama

Yumika Yano as Yumeko Suzukiri

Yūichi Nakamura as Red Keeper

Go Inoue as Blue Keeper

Kensho Ono as Yellow Keeper

Kōsuke Toriumi as Green Keeper

M.A.O as Pink Keeper

The scheduled premiere of the anime will be in 2024 on 28 TBS networks.

Keiichi Satō is the director of the anime. In 2021, Satō joined Yostar Pictures as its creative director and representative. Keiichirō Ōchi is heading the series composition for the animation, with Yostar Pictures producing the animation.

The manga was launched by Haruba in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in February 2021. The 11th compiled volume of the manga was released on September 14.

Kodansha USA Publishing is releasing the manga in English. The series is described as:

Thirteen years ago, when earth was invaded by the Monster Army, the Divine Dragon Rangers came into action! Even as the intense war ensues, these heroes are our only hope!

…or so it would seem?

In reality, the invaders were completely subdued within the very first year, forced to produce a monster each week for the Rangers to defeat, to the pleasure of their enthusiastic audience! One monster, however, has had enough of this charade. He will rebel against the powerful Dragon Rangers, and set out to annihilate them all…from the inside!

Haruba’s manga The Quintessential Quintuplets was launched in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in August 2017. The series ended in February 2020 and Kodansha USA Publishing has been releasing the manga both digitally and in print. The manga, already the basis for two anime seasons and a movie, will inspire a new anime special soon.

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