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Go Nagai Museum Fire: Items Survive

Image obtained from Asahi Shimbun’s official website

Go Nagai‘s production house, Dynamic Production, issued a statement last Thursday, discussing the fire that damaged the Go Nagai Wonderland Museum after an earthquake hit Ishikawa Prefecture on New Year’s Day. The production house verified that the blaze did not destroy the original paintings and models, which are currently under the custody of Wajima City for storage. The studio attributed the survival of these art pieces to the fireproof measures implemented during the construction and modernization of the museum. The investigation regarding the incident is still underway, and the studio urged individuals to avoid seeking interviews from the city’s inhabitants.

The Go Nagai Wonderland Museum in Wajima City caught fire after being hit by a severe 7.6-magnitude earthquake in Ishikawa Prefecture on the first day of the new year.

Nagai and Dynamic Production issued statements on January 10. In his statement, Nagai extended his gratitude to those who showed concern for him and sent him messages. He expressed his sorrow at seeing images of his fire-ravaged hometown every day in news reports and then remembering how it once was. Regarding the state of the museum, Nagai initially thought that the fire had likely damaged many exhibits. Nonetheless, he said that even if a considerable part of the museum’s contents were lost, he could reproduce what was destroyed as he continues to work as a manga artist.

In addition to his concerns about the museum, Nagai emphasized his desire to support those impacted by the earthquake in Wajima City and other areas. He offered words of encouragement to those still struggling with the aftermath of the disaster and expressed optimism that they will overcome the hardships together.

Dynamic Production earlier confirmed the unfortunate news that the museum did burn down. However, they admitted that they had not been able to compile conclusive details about the extent of the damage inflicted on the museum. The company stressed that the wellbeing and safety of residents take precedence over any other concern and assured that they would provide more updates once they have further information.

The company also verified that Go Nagai’s original art pieces have been loaned to Wajima city for a permanent display in the museum since June 2023. The extent of the damage inflicted on the 3D items and video artworks remains uncertain at this point. However, Dynamic Production mentioned that they still possess and manage Nagai’s manuscript and other original art pieces. The city does not own any of Nagai’s artworks.

Wajima, which is Nagai’s place of birth, publicly revealed plans to establish a museum in 2005, and finally inaugurated the museum on the city’s historic Asaichi Street in 2009. The museum showcased many of Nagai’s original pieces from iconic manga likeMazinger Z, Cutey Honey, Devilman, and Getter Robo, and featured a 1/9-scale statue of the main robot fromMazinger Z.

An earthquake of 7.6 magnitudes rocked the western coast of Japan, especially the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, on New Year’s Day at 4:10 p.m. local time (2:00 a.m. EST). The tremors were felt in distant cities like Tokyo and Osaka on the opposite side of Japan. According to a NHK report from January 20, the death toll in Ishikawa Prefecture has reached at least 232, with 22 people still missing. Rescuers are still searching for survivors in Wajima, where the earthquake-triggered flames consumed about 50,000 square meters of land and over 200 buildings.

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