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Golden Kamui Film Tops Box-office with 533.8 Million Yen Premiere Earnings

The live-action movie
on the manga
Golden Kamui
Satoru Noda
is topping the box office in its first weekend of screening from January 19th to 21st. It has garnered 356,000 admissions and made 533,848,690 yen during the first three days.

It was released last Friday in Japan.

Shigeaki Kubo directed it under the production company, CREDERUS. Tsutomu Kuroiwa wrote the scripts. Yutaka Yamada constructed the music. Hiroshi Nakagawa and Debo Akibe are credited for overseeing the Ainu culture. The rock group ACIDMAN performs its theme song, Kagayakerumono.

Noda launched the manga in Young Jump, published by Shueisha, in 2014. The title entered into its final arc last July, and was concluded on April 28th, 2022. Viz Media is responsible for publishing it in English while in France Ki-oon editions publish it.


For its fifth weekend of screening, the animation film SPY×FAMILY Code: White has dropped from 1st to 2nd place in the box office, with 189,900 admissions and made 261,352,510 yen between Friday and Monday. Till now, it has generated a total amount of 45,238,789,840 yen.

Between the 22nd and 31st of December, the film made a total of 2.8 billion yen in the first ten days. On January 3, after 13 days in theatres, it had 2.59 million admissions and earned a total of 3.4 billion yen.

The film debuted in Japan on December 22, taking the top spot in the box office during its opening three-day period with 866,000 admissions and 1.224 billion yen.

The project features an entirely new storyline with credits and supervision given to Tatsuya Endô, the manga artist, or mangaka, behind the franchise. The studio behind the TV show is also working one this film. Takashi Katagiri is the director while Ichiro Okouchi is the scriptwriter. Kazuaki Shimada continues with the design of the characters with assistance from Kana Ishida on the side characters. Kyoji Asano is the chief animation director (and the creator of the visual directly above). Kazuhiro Furuhashi is the animation supervisor. [K]NoW_NAME produces the music, and Shôji Hata is the sound director.

The cast includes Tomoya Nakamura, Kento Kaku, Banjō Ginga and the likes ofShunsuke Takeuchi embodying respective roles as Dmitri, Luka, Snijder and Type F.

Image via the film’s Lets Go Karaoke! webpage

The film

Let’s Go Karaoke!
, adapted from the eponymously titled manga (
Karaoke Iko!
) by

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