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GTO Live-Action Revival Special Promo Video – Cast Reveal, April 1 Debut, Theme Song

The authentic Twitter page for GTO Rebirth, the television live-action specific episode for the 1998 live-action series based on Tohru Fujisawa‘s GTO manga, unveiled a fresh advertisement clip for this episode on Monday. The promo clip discloses additional actors for the episode and its April 1 airing date. It also exposes and offers a sneak peek into the film’s theme music “POISON” by Blue Encount.

Performers in the show involve:

  • The role of Takeshi Fujiyamada, the head of Sōtoku Academy, is played by Shinya Kote (positioned top left in image above).
  • Japanese history and class 3-1’s homeroom educator, Miyu Ayahara, is acted by Sae Okazaki (situated top center).
  • Suzuka’s father and a political personality aspiring for selection in the Japanese lower house, Kōichi Ichikawa, portrayed by Kōsuke Suzuki (shown top right).
  • Rin Endō, a class 3-1 student from a household that has fallen prey to an online influencer, is played by Mei Hata (visible on the bottom left).
  • A class 3-1 honor student, Suzuka Ichikawa, is enacted by Rikako Yagi (visible at the bottom center).
  • A baseball scholarship recipient who had to give up playing because of an injury, Haruto Uno, is played by Wataru Hyūga (shown bottom right).

The plot of the new episode has Onizuka designated as an educator at Sōtoku Academy, which is presently disturbed by a well-known online influencer divulging secrets of students and teachers alike. Everyone on campus gets skeptical, assuming that the influencer is one among them.

The episode is scheduled to air on April 1 on Kansai TV, Fuji TV, and their affiliates. Eikichi Onizuka’s character will be resumed by Takashi Sorimachi.


Tokyopop and Vertical published several GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) manga titles, including the GTO: The Early Years prequel, in North America. Tokyopop stated the plot as:

Introducing Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old virgin and previous biker. He’s rude, swears a lot and has a quick temper. His objective, to be the world’s finest high school instructor!

He may wish to be a teacher only to flirt with the attractive students? However, before Onizuka can be an educator, he will have to work as a student teacher to receive his certificates.

He might consider himself the toughest guy on campus, but upon encountering his class, full of tormenters, blackmailers, and malicious manipulators, he’ll have to demonstrate it.

An anime television series, the 1998 live-action series, various television specials over the years, and a live-action movie in 2000 were all inspired by the original manga. GTO: The Early Years stimulated a new live-action series adaptation in February 2020.

The GTO: Paradise Lost spinoff manga was launched by Fujisawa in Kodansha‘s Weekly Young Magazine in April 2014 and it’s still ongoing. Kodansha USA Publishing also digitally publishes the manga in English. In 2021, Fujisawa mentioned that GTO: Paradise Lost is expected to be the “final” manga in the GTO collection.

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