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Gundam SEED FREEDOM Film Unveils Ending Theme’s Music Video, Bonus Stories

The film Mobile Suit Gundam Seed FREEDOM project released a fresh music video on Wednesday for the ending theme song “Sarigiwa no Romantics” (Romantics Upon Parting), performed by the pop duo See-Saw. Along with this, the team also revealed the first series of complimentary gifts for those who will watch the film in the movie theaters.

Every viewer will be gifted with one of the two limited-edition short stories authored by scriptwriter Liu Goto, along with one of the two promotional cards which can be utilised in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Arsenal Base game.

The short story titled “Futari no Tōuhikō” (Escape for Two) outlines a rare period of relaxation shared by Athrun and Cagalli, while “Gekkō no Walküre” (Valkyrie in the Moonlight) explores the school lives of Agnes, Shin, and Lunamaria at their military academy.

Two distinct promotional card designs – Rising Freedom Gundam and Immortal Justice Gundam – will be offered at random to attendees.

The film is dated to release in Japan on January 26, 2024. It is set chronologically during the year C.E. (Cosmic Era) 75.

The cast of the film, a blend of old and new members, comprises:

Extra cast members seen from left to right in the image above playing the following characters:

The film at Bandai Namco Filmworks is being directed by Mitsuo Fukuda, who is also part of the scriptwriting team along with his late wife Chiaki Morosawa and Liu Goto.Hisashi Hirai (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed) is tasked with character designing.

Other staff members include:

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