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‘Hajime Bako’s Killer Vamp Manga Enters Hiatus Prior to Final Part Preparation’

Manga ONE
app made an announcement on Tuesday that
Hajime Bako
Killer Vamp
Chi to Hai no Joō
) manga will be temporarily paused as they gear up for the manga’s concluding sections. Fans can expect its return on February 20.

The manga was originally introduced on Shogakukan‘s online manga platform Ura Sunday and on the Manga ONE app back in December 2016. Shogakukan took charge of releasing the manga’s first compiled book volume in May 2017, and the 20th one on December 12.

Comikey distributes the manga digitally and they describe the narrative as follows:

“Don’t worry… You’re not dying just yet.”

Ever since Mount Fuji erupted, Japan, specifically this city, has witnessed a drastic transformation during the night.
Those who were coated in the volcanic ash from Mount Fuji are now locked into deadly fights as battle vampires, brandishing tremendous power as they slaughter each other and bathe in the blood of their defeated enemies.

In 2017, Bako managed to stop the manga from being cancelled by urging fans to buy the manga’s inaugural volume. He was warned by his editor that if the first volume could not achieve at least 1,000 more sales a month prior to the release of the third volume, the series would be cut off with the launch of the fourth volume. Nearly a week following Bako’s appeal, the manga’s first volume sold around 1,000 copies, thereby preventing the series from ending prematurely.

In the 2018 “Next Manga Awards” (Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Taishō), the manga won seventh place in the Web Manga category.

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