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“Hamaru Otoko ni Keritai Onna” Manga Ends in February

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The March edition of
magazine has announced on Saturday that the manga series by
Aki Amasawa
Hamaru Otoko ni Keritai Onna
(English: The Woman Wants to Kick the Man She’s Into)
will be concluding in the magazine’s forthcoming issue to be released on February 24.

The manga series made its first appearance in Kiss magazine in May 2021. Kodansha brought out the fifth aggregative book volume of the manga on December 13.

Before it came to be known as Hamaru Otoko ni Keritai Onna, the manga series was initially publicized under the temporary title of Koi to Sakashima (English: Love and Reverse).

A live-action drama series was also inspired by the manga, titled as Unexpected – Love Story in Maison Ginseiso-, which debuted in January 2023.

Kodansha USA had earlier published Amasawa’s three-volume manga To Write Your Words digitally in English.

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