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Heart Gear Manga Returns on January 10 After a Year-Long Hiatus

The accomplished manga artist, Tsuyoshi Takaki, made an announcement on his X account this past Saturday. He shared that his manga, Heart Gear, would resume its serialization on the Shonen Jump+ platform, brought to you by Shueisha. This comes after a year-long hiatus, with the return scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

The most recent
, number 39, was published back in December 2022. It announced the commencement of a break, however, it didn’t specify exactly when the manga would make its comeback.

There was a first intermission observed between May 2020 through to August 2022.

The manga series was first introduced on the Shonen Jump+ platform, courtesy of Shueisha in March 2019. Its fourth volume was published in Japan in August 2022 and is available in France, courtesy of the Ki-oon publishing house:

Two centuries ago, a global war nearly eradicated the human race. The earth is now inhabited by self-sustaining machines… Young Roue is raised by Zett, a peaceful robot, who acts as a surrogate father, showering her with love and care. Their day to day life is jolted by the arrival of a newcomer, Chrome. Recently activated, Chrome assumes the role of the naive and clumsy younger brother in their odd family. Zett struggles to teach him about independence… no easy task for a robot!

Everything is thrown into chaos as an “insane” android destroys Zett and attacks Roue. At this moment, Chrome must decide: he takes on the role of Roue’s guardian! In a surprise turn of events, Chrome turns out to be incredibly formidable, crushes the attacker to protect Roue. Thankfully, their adoptive father’s central unit survives: all they need is a compatible body… But who to turn to, in such a vast and dangerous world?

Discover the latest gem from Tsuyoshi Takaki, who gave us the critically acclaimed Black Torch. Known for his mastery of action, he reveals a softer side through a tale of an endearing and dynamic duo. The journey of cheerful Roue and the stern Chrome has only just begun!

Besides Heart Gear, Takaki has also authored the manga titled Black Torch. It debuted in on Jump Square, a Shueisha platform, in December 2016 and was completed in 2018. The fifth and final volume was published the same year – August.

Source: From the X account of Tsuyoshi Takaki

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