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Ikoku Nikki Live-Action Film Reveals Expanded Cast

On Thursday, the certified Twitter handle of the real-life film based on Tomoko Yamashita‘s Ikoku Nikki (Diary of a Foreign Land) manga announced the inclusion of further cast members.

Image courtesy of Ikoku Nikki live-action film’s Twitter page

Additional casting for the film includes:

  • Guin-Poon-Chaw (pictured top left) will be playing the role of Makio’s mother Kyōko Kōdai
  • Yūko Nakamura (upper middle) will be seen as Minori Kōdai, Makio’s older sister and Asa’s mom
  • Shōta Sometani (pictured top right) will act as Kazunari Tōno, the attorney overseeing Makio and Asa
  • Erika Takizawa (bottom left in the picture) will play Mimori, a girl who’s in the same music club as Asa
  • Himena Irei (shown in the center at the bottom) will be featured as Chise Morimoto, Asa’s classmate noted for her joyful personality
Image courtesy of Ikoku Nikki live-action film’s Twitter page

The movie is scheduled to
in June of 2024.

The cast leading the movie includes Yui Aragaki in the role of Makio Kōdai, with Ikoi Hayase starring as Asa Takumi. Natsuki Seta serves as the director and screenwriter for the film. Additional cast members include:

  • Kōji Seto will be playing Shingo Kasamachi
  • Kaho has been cast as Nana Daigo
  • Rina Komiyama is confirmed to play Emiri Nara

The story of the manga revolves around 35-year-old novelist Makio Kōdai and her 15-year-old niece Asa, who live together. After Asa’s parents die unexpectedly, including Makio’s elder sister, Makio impulsively decides to take Asa in. However, the following day, Makio becomes conscious of her difficulties in living with others. Thus starts their shared life, with Makio trying to adjust to sharing her living space, and Asa struggling to understand an adult who is always unlike one.

Yamashita began the publication of the manga in June 2017 in the magazine Shodensha‘s Feel Young and concluded it in June 2023. The final, 11th volume of the compiled book of the manga was available from August 2023.

Yamashita started the The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window boys-love supernatural mystery piece in Libre Publishing‘s Magazine BExBOY in March 2013, and finished it in December of 2020. SuBLime is publishing the digital English version of the manga. This manga led to a live-action film that emerged in January of 2021. The manga also served as inspiration for a TV anime series that was first released in October 2021. Crunchyroll aired the anime concurrent with its Japanese release.

Yamashita’s Don’t Cry Girl and Mo’some Sting manga were previously licensed and released in North America by JManga. Yamashita’s Shinsouban Illumination manga is being published by Fantasista, Inc.’s futekiya boys-love service. Yamashita serialized White Note Pad in the magazine Feel Young from February 2015 through October of 2016.

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