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Japan: 2 Foreigners Arrested for Early Online Posting of Shonen Jump Manga

Two individuals of foreign origin were apprehended by Japanese law enforcement officials on suspicion of prematurely posting manga images from Shueisha‘s esteemed publication, Weekly Shonen Jump, on the internet. One of the accused individuals, a 36-year-old named Samir Musa, reportedly operates the Japan Deal World LLC, located in Tokyo’s Kita Ward.

As reported by the police, the accused persons allegedly shared images of a well-liked manga from Weekly Shonen Jump for others to view without obtaining necessary permissions. This occurred last March, prior to the magazine’s formal launch. Apart from this, they are also under suspicion of violating the Japanese Copyright Law by taking photographs (using mobile devices) and creating copies of magazine images in the previous month. The preliminary findings of the investigation reveal that the individuals procured the magazines before their official release date from one or more bookshops in Tokyo with the motive to create these “premature leaks”.

The police have a hunch that there may be more individuals involved in this crime and are conducting a more comprehensive investigation.

In a similar incident in 2017, Japanese law enforcement detained three individuals on account of posting unauthorized scans of One Piece manga, a creation of Eiichiro Oda, from Weekly Shonen Jump on the internet.

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