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Japanese Live Film City Hunter to Release on Netflix April 25

Netflix has shared exciting news regarding the forthcoming release of a Japanese live-action movie inspired by City Hunter, the coveted manga by Tsukasa Hōjō. The streaming platform will host the film’s global premiere on the 25th of April. The announcement was included along with a list of top Japanese titles making their way to Netflix’s expansive library this year. It was also revealed that amongst non-English content on the platform, Japanese represented the third most-consumed source in 2022, only falling behind Korean and Spanish.

(For the segment on City Hunter refer to the 1 : 53 to 2 : 06 mark)

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Ryôhei Suzuki, of HK/Hentai Kamen, Tokyo Tribe, and Toky MER fame, will fill the shoes of Ryô Saeba. The helm of directing has been assigned to Yûichi Saitô, known for his work in Kisa, Nônai Poison Berry. Misato Morita, who has had major roles in One Week Friends and Koi Suru Haha-tachi, will portray the female lead, Kaori Makimura.

Although City Hunter has seen several adaptations internationally in countries like China, South Korea, and even France, this will be the first time audiences can experience Ryô, popularly known as Nicky Larson, in a live-action adaptation set in Tokyo’s Shinjuku. The film’s setting will be contemporary, however, Ryô’s iconic long coat, reminiscent of his anime avatar, will be maintained.

The scriptwriting will be in the skilled hands of Tatsuhiro Mishima known for the live-action version of Yu Yu Hakusho. Music composition has been entrusted to Yoshihide Otomo, remembered for his work in INU-OH, Lupin Zero, Orange. Shinichi Takahashi is set as the executive producer, working alongside Keisuke Sanpei and Kosuke Oshida in the role of producers. The production involves a collaboration between Netflix, HoriPro and Office Shirous.

As an important note, the original manga was first launched in Japan back in 1985 and has since been adapted multiple times into an animated series and films. In France, the title is distributed by Panini. An animated movie named, City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes was released in Japan in February 2019, and another animated film is expected in the coming year.

In 1993, Jackie Chan also took the guise of our hero in a Hong Kong movie, which had its own interpretation of the original material. A Korean live-action series based on the coveted manga debuted in 2011 and was aired in the United States via the streaming platform Hulu. Further, a Chinese live-action film adaptation has been approved.

Lastly, as a reminder, Philippe Lacheau directed and starred in a live-action film titled, Nicky Larson et le Parfum de Cupidon. It made an impressive splash at the box office in France with over a million attendees in only two weeks, culminating to a total of 1, 6 millions. The film debuted on February 6, and landed in the third place at the box office grossing a whopping 3,111,807 euros within just five days.

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