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Jukki Hanada, Love Live! Writer, Reveals Original Anime Film, A Few Moments of Cheers

Well-known scriptwriter Jukki Hanada, music video producer group Hurray!, and animation company 100Studio have publicized a fresh, original anime movie called A Few Moments of Cheers or (Sūfunkan no Yell o) on Wednesday. This upcoming film is slated to hit the big screens in Japan in early summer.

Picture via A Few Moments of Cheers movie’s Twitter account

The tale of the movie unfolds when a high school music video creator crosses paths with a teacher, who has renounced her musical passion. As soon as Asaya Kanata, the school-going music-video maker, lays his eyes on Yu Orie, teacher-turned-musician, he feels inspired to create a music video featuring her compositions.

Primary cast is as follows:

Natsuki Hanae as Asaya Kanata

Image via Comic Natalie

Mariya Ise as Yu Orie (With singer-composer Kei Sugawara lending his voice for singing parts)

Image via Comic Natalie

Jukki Hanada is in charge of writing the storyline and script for this new film. Hanada, a proficient anime scriptwriter has been part of numerous anime projects centered on musicians, including Kyoto Animation‘s Sound! Euphonium, the iconic Love Live! series, as well as its popular spin-offs Love Live! Sunshine!! and Love Live! Superstar!!, along with the forthcoming Girls Band Cry.

The trio from the music video production team Hurray! are joining forces with 100Studio in the creation of this anime. The Hurray! team is perhaps most recognized for their work in music videos for the yorushika band. The team member POPREQ will direct the film, while Ohajiki will provide assistance in directing, and Magotsuki will design the characters. The noted music producer Vivi from the Vocaloid music scene will compose the film’s songs.

The movie’s distributor is Bandai Namco Filmworks.

Sources: A Few Moments of Cheers movie’s official site, Comic Natalie

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