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June 2024: Yen Press Licenses 7 Manga, 1 Light Novel Series

Yen Press, as of last Friday, has added seven manga, a series of light novels, and an artbook to its licensing lineup. These are scheduled to debut in June of 2024.

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Title of Manga :
A Sinner of the Deep Sea

Akihito Tomi

Plot: The sea, taking up around 70% of our planet’s surface, holds a whole hidden civilization in its deep expanses. Mermaid Jo resides here, living in tranquility until her friend Ryuu is imprisoned for breaking one paramount rule of their underwater society, a rule which states mankind must remain oblivious to their existence. Jo’s peaceful life is tossed into a whirlpool of chaos as she embarks on an adventure to save her companion. As the curtains open for her expedition, curiosity piques over the motives that led Ryuu to reveal their secret, and to whom the secret was spilt. Alongside this, there is also a brewing romance.

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Manga Title:
Apocalypse Bringer Mynoghra

Fehu Kazuno
Yasaiko Midorihana

Synopsis: “I reincarnated as an evil deity.” Takuto Ira, a former game-fanatic, is reborn into a world that mirrors the strategy simulation game he used to adore, following his premature demise due to a sickness. In this transformed world, he converges with Atou, a girl resembling a character from the game Mynoghra, which he once mastered. The two decide to band together once more and recreate a civilization from scratch.

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Manga Title:
Sister and Giant: A Young Lady Is Reborn in Another World


Summary: Hinako finds herself reborn in an unfamiliar world, a fresh start that she embraces, though she rejects the abilities offered to her by the divinity. She chooses instead to ally herself with giant Eiris, earning herself the title of ‘the smallest giant’. Despite being of different species and hailing from different realms, Hinako and Eiris are united by a singular objective—to find the beloved siblings they lost. Their bond and unique strength draws them fame, but it also raises eyebrows among the knights of the church.

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Title of Manga:
Penguin Highway

Tomihiko Morimi
(story), Keito Yano (illustration)

Synopsis: A suburban residential area becomes the unexpected arrival ground for a group of penguins, much to the surprise of fourth-grader Aoyama. Their sudden appearance and equally abrupt disappearance baffles Aoyama, prompting him to investigate. This unforgettable chronicle is a recollection of that peculiar summer.

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Senpai, This Can’t Be Love!

Shinta Harekawa

Plot: Yanase, an amicable and proficient CG designer is tasked with training the diligent newcomer, Kaneda. Initially enthusiastic, Yanase becomes disheartened by Kaneda’s apparent disdain towards him. Unbeknownst to Yanase, Kaneda is grappling with his own internal struggle as every interaction with Yanase leaves him feeling flustered.

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Manga Title:
Sword Art Online: Kiss & Fly

Reki Kawahara
(story), Rico Bekko (illustration),
(character design)

Synopsis: Enjoy a deeper insight into the early lives of Kirito and Asuna in this collection of three mini-stories, translated to manga format. From their initial days in Sword Art Online, following through to Asuna’s stint in the world of Alfheim Online, this manga offers a glimpse at the events that unfolded in the original light novels.

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This Monster Wants to Eat Me

Contributor: Sai Naekawa

Plot: “I’ve come to devour you.” Utters the mermaid Shiori as she surfaces from the ocean, taking the hand of the high school girl, Hinako. Living in solitude in a seaside town, Hinako’s unique body has attracted the attention of various monsters. Shiori, eager to feast on Hinako’s delectable form at her peak, takes it upon herself to shield Hinako. As Hinako wrestles with her feelings while facing the constant threat of being devoured, a thrilling storyline ensues.

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Demons’ Crest
light novel

Reki Kawahara
(original story),
Yukiko Horiguchi

Synopsis: Yuuma Ashihara is engrossed in his virtual reality MMORPG, Actual Magic. When the virtual world begins to merge with the real one, Yuuma finds himself lost. His bewilderment intensifies upon meeting his classmate, Sumi. Previously cute and popular, Sumi has transformed into a game monster. This offbeat tale intertwining game and reality is brought to us by the same mind behind
Sword Art Online
Accel World.

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Visions 2023__Illustrators Book


Synopsis: This ultimate collection by
pixiv for 2023
showcases the work of 170 exceptional artists on the platform. This compilation features a well-curated selection of styles and creators worldwide, sure to cater to the tastes of all art enthusiasts.

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