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Kemuri Karakara Releases New Manga, Sôen no Scavenger (Update)

Kemuri Karakara, debuted a new manga titled Sôen no Scavenger on the Sunday Webry site (Shogakukan) on December 28. To commemorate this new series, the author conducted a countdown series of illustrations, of which the following is the final.

The story revolves around catastrophic events ensuing when a meteorite violently strikes Earth. In an attempt to rebuild their world, humans start developing a vertical civilization. The narrative follows the life of Nichika and her sister living on the lowest level of this new world. However, an unspooling revelation holds a secret that could permanently alter their lives.

In January 2020, Karakara launched an adapted version of Bun-Ō Fujisawa’s stage reading MARS RED on the Monthly Comic Garden magazineMag Garden. The third and last volume was published in July 2021.

The anime adaptation premiered in Japan on April 5.

Update: The title has been corrected. Thanks go to Dred ZeRed for pointing out the error.

Source: Sunday Webry

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