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Kiss Manga Begins Final Chapter of Engage Series

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Square Enix’s Manga UP! Twitter handle recently disclosed the first segment of the final chapter of Itachi and Bayron City Express’ manga adaptation of Engage Kiss anime.

Engage Kiss unravels on Baylong City, a sovereign, man-made island city placed in the Pacific Ocean, deliberately positioned outside the jurisdiction of any country. Baylong City was created to harness the plentiful local natural resources, mainly the new energy component orgonium. However, the extraction of orgonium has triggered an eruption of demonic “D disasters” within Baylong City. The responsibility of handling these disturbing events falls on private military companies (PMCs).

Shū, the lead character of Engage Kiss, operates a small PMC. Still, his extravagant spending habits have kept him perennially broke. Kisara, a demon girl, is under contract with Shū’s office and has an incessant worry for his wellbeing. Besides being a diligent high school goer in Baylong City, Kisara handles all sorts of tasks from office work to household duties confidently. Ayano, however, is Shū’s ex-lover and a capable agent working for a prominent PMC Shū was formerly associated with.

Responsible for the successful manga adaptation of Engage Kiss, Itachi introduced it through Square Enix’s Manga UP! in July 2022. The first volume was shipped by Square Enix in July 2023.

Engage Kiss the anime, came alive on the small screen airing on Tokyo MX, Tochigi TV, Gunma TV, BS11, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation TV, and Mētele networks in July 2022. For international audiences, Crunchyroll offers the anime series with English subtitles, along with a dubbed English version.

Becoming a significant part of Project Engage multimedia venture, the anime Engage Kiss shaped up its virtual presence with the smartphone game Engage Kill. This game was a notable release of Square Enix and came out in March 2023, with Aniplex delivering the project.

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