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Kodansha USA Releases English-First Manga, Yoshinori Matsuoka’s Re:Anima (Updated)

On Wednesday, publisher Kodansha USA revealed that they would be the first to release Yoshinori Matsuoka’s science fiction manga, Re:Anima, in English, solely on their website. The premiere chapter went live on Wednesday, and the plan is to add new segments every two weeks. Initially, the opening chapters will be accessible at no cost on the website until the debut volume of the manga is printed.

Photo Credit: Kodansha USA

In its preliminary announcement, the publisher mentioned autumn 2024 and spring 2025 as potential release timelines for the first print volume. In contrast, the Kodansha USA‘s website indicates December 17, 2024, as the date of both the physical and digital distribution. When ANN approached Kodansha USA about these inconsistencies, they clarified that autumn 2024 is the accurate release schedule.

Here’s how Kodansha USA outlines the narrative:

The storyline is set in the not-so-distant future in Tokyo, where the average temperature has skyrocketed to 170 degrees. Humans are forced to dwell underneath the earth in order to avoid the lethal heat and can only observe the surface through robot proxies known as Re:Anima. Shinano and Kara work for the Enforcement Bureau, whose job it is to monitor crimes committed on the surface and illegal modifications made to Re:Anima. Kara, however, harbors a secret: he actually resides on the surface, in his real body!

In December 2021, Matsuoka started the manga version of Square Enix‘s smartphone RPG, Gate of Nightmares, on the Magazine Pocket app. The manga edition came to an end in September 2022.

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