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Kotori Koiwai Launches Kemono Teatime ASMR Game on Steam, 2024

On Wednesday, game manufacturer and distributor Furyu Corporation announced their latest creation, a fresh virtual offering by the name of Kemono Teatime. This unique virtual experience, defined as a “kemomimi cafe ASMR journey”, will make its debut courtesy of FuRyu’s latest brainchild, Studio Lalala, and will be accessible on PC exclusively through Steam before the end of this year. The creation of the game is a collaborative effort involving game developer Fuyuki Hayashi, notable for his work on Crystar and Crymachina, and voice actress Kotori Koiwai who is associated with her ASMR brand “kotoneiro”. Hayashi has also been assigned key roles in the project encompassing planning, scripting and directing, sharing the directorial responsibilities with Takahiro Akuta.

Picture given by FuRyu Corporation and Studio Lalala

Furyu Corporation with Studio Lalala share an overview of the game:

Peak relaxation can be found in this world where animal ears are an ordinary aspect of everyday life. Enjoy the delights of Melodius, where your coveted café allows you to craft any tea blend your heart desires while indulging in an endearing narrative. Your cutest, most idyllic life awaits—until the last drop. But remember, once it’s gone, it’s gone. Realising that all good things must come to an end is important. Interact with all the Kemomimis that frequent the café, assist them in unwinding, cherish the moments spent over tea, and understand their inevitable destinies.

NOCO (Known for Atelier games’ Mysterious series, Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet, and Fate/Requiem) is the creative brain behind the character designs. curemoto, OYUZAKI, Sky Scraper Project, Mokuya, and Akayu are recognised for their contribution to pixel art, while APO+ has been responsible for pixel animation. The catchy theme song of the game, “KAWAII Moratorium ~Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!~”, is by Snail’s House, featuring vocals by Kotori Koiwai. The song pays a creative tribute to Vocaloid producer daniwell’s popular track “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!”.

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