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La Princesse et la Bête Manga Adapted into Musical Comedy

A website has recently launched, announcing the production of a musical comedy based on the manga The Princess and The Beast by Yu Tomofuji, starring Daigo Kata. Named Musical: Niehime to Kemono no Ō ~the KING of BEASTS~, its first look has been revealed below:

The scripts, production, and choreography are handled by Yukio Ueshiam (known for musicals Prince of Tennis). Sayaka Asai of One on One group writes the lyrics, and Shigeru Yahata composes the music.

Tomofuji launched his title in 2015 and ended it on October 20, 2020. In Japan, its 15th and final volume was published in January 2021. In France, it can be found at Pika Édition under the shôjo collection, with the following synopsis:

In a dangerous land filled with oppressive ambience lives a race of unusual creatures who used to rule and devour mankind. Salifie is the 99th sacrificial offering to their terrifying king. Raised to become an offering, she does not fear the sovereign and calmly awaits the ceremonial night. When she discovers the secrets of the nameless king, fate takes an unexpected turn for these two characters who were not meant to get close…

A spin-off was published in August 2022 in the Hana to Yume and a side-story chapter was released earlier in April 2022 in the The Hana to Yume.

It was made into an anime, which debuted in April 2023 – its second part premiered in July. The episodes are available in France through the Crunchyroll.

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