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“Le Prince Parfait M’aime, Moi, Son Rival!” Anime Announced for April 7

Suiseisha has today unveiled the cast and visuals for the anime adaptation of Yû Aoki’s Le prince parfait m’aime, moi, son rival !? (Ateuma Chara no Kuse shite, Spadali Ôji ni Chôai Sarete Imasu.) manga. The announcement was made by AnimeFesta‘s toridori label (previously known asAnime Zone and ComicFesta Anime).

An official French website is also now open and accessible.

Picture via toridori’s X account

Santa Hiiragi voices the character Alek Rei Garciam

Picture via Anime! Anime!

Haru Danji plays the role of Lonile Gravis

Picture via Anime! Anime!

A promotional video was also released on January 10th:

The team behind this anime includes:

As with previous AnimeFesta productions, this anime will be available in both a “TV” version (censored) and a “premium” online version (uncensored). The latter is expected to hit the AnimeFesta website mid-March. The TV version is set to broadcast on April 7th on the Tokyo MX and BS11 channels.

Aoki initially released the manga on ComicFesta’s website in 2022, which WWWave Corporation operates. It’s accessible in France for users via the platforms Coolmic France and Mangadon.

“I have always… wanted to touch you.” – Le prince parfait m’aime, moi, son rival!? !?
A romantic rival’s role is to disrupt the main love relationship.
Reincarnated in the world of a novel, Lonile tries to avoid the prince as much as possible to prevent the tragic ending that his character faces when it tries to take over the heroine… So why is the prince chasing him like this?!
“Even though you have no experience, your body is truly honest. You’re adorable…”
Before he can fully understand the situation, he finds himself melting in the prince’s
hands… Why things are happening absolutely differently from the

It is WWWave Corporation that manages the ComicFesta and AnimeFesta services. This company has produced over 25 manga adaptations over the past six years, most of which are adult-oriented. Its very first project being Sôryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…, which led fans to term this type of anime as “sôryo-waku”. They typically offer a censored TV version and a complete uncensored version for streaming online. WWWave Corporation presents a significant number of its titles on its Coolmic website, both in English and French.

Its most recent undertaking is Adam’s Sweet Agony (Modaete yo, Adam-kun), an anime adaptation of Toyo’s manga. The first episode was released on December 8, and was then broadcast on Tokyo MX, BS11 YouTube, and Niconico on January 7. The English version has been available on Coolmic since December 26.

Sources: the anime’s Le prince parfait m’aime, moi, son rival!? website and Anime! Anime! (林洋平)

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