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Love Live! Superstar!! Anime: Season 3 Set for October

The closing proceedings of the “Love Live! Superstar!! Liella! 5th Love Live! ~Twinkle Triangle” concerts unveiled on Sunday that the third Love Live! Superstar!! anime season is set to debut in October on the NHK E Tele (NHK Educational TV) channel.

The debut season of the
Love Live! Superstar!!

NHK Educational
in July 2021 and carried on for 12 episodes.

the series simultaneously with its airing.

The anime’s second season started on NHK Educational in July 2022.

Crunchyroll broadcasts the anime in the U.K. and Ireland, offering the following account of the story:

The inaugural batch of students has landed at Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, a fresh academic establishment nestled at the intersection of Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama. With zero history, no higher-grade students to lean on, and completely devoid of any reputation, this academy is totally starting from ground zero!
Amidst this, a quintet of girls headed by Kanon Shibuya stumble upon “school idols.”
—I am passionate about singing! I honestly am! And I aspire to achieve something through it!
Thus the aspirations of these yet-to-be-known stars start to cloud together…and so kickstarts the “School Idol Project” of five girls with a blank canvas and infinite possibilities.

References: Love Live! franchise‘s YouTube channel courtesy of Yaraon!

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