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Manga UP! Adds ‘The Teen Web Novelist: Girl Magnet’ – Manga Where Crush Regrets Rejection

Picture by Manga UP!

Square Enix
, in collaboration with
Manga UP! Global
, has added
Yū Satō
The Teen Web Novelist is a Girl Magnet: Now My Crush Feels Bad for Rejecting Me!
Kōkōsei Web Sakka no Mote Seikatsu: “Anta ga Kami Sakkana Wake Nai Deshō” to Boku wo Futta Osanajimi ga Kōkai Shiteru Kedo Mou Osoi
) manga to its library. This series is inspired by the light novel series with the same name written by
and drafted by
Yuyu Ichino
. The English version was launched on Thursday.

Manga UP! provides the following synopsis of the storyline:

Agematsu Yuuta, who is merely a high school student, has penned the most well-liked web novel of the era! Given the enormous success under his belt, he becomes the object of adoration from personalities such as a stunning editor, a popstar, and a famed voice actor! Nevertheless, Yuuta’s chief aspiration is to sway his childhood companion with a heartfelt admission, and their encounter unfolds in the most unforeseen way! The plot spins around adorable girls vying for the love of a best-selling author.

The novelist Ibarakino introduced the novel series on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō platform in May 2021. The book’s series second volume, adorned with Ichino’s illustrations, debuted in Japan in September 2022. Satō, on the other hand, kick-started the manga in Square Enix‘s Young Gangan magazine in May 2022. Square Enix brought out the manga’s third compiled book volume on July 25, and plans to put out the fourth installment on February 24.

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